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FNF proudly welcome Luca Selvaggio as our Operations and Marketing Officer!


Luca started working at FNF National Office last October and daily helps us assist in coordinating volunteers, developing our service offerings, fundraising, governance and policy, operations and overall administration.

He is helping our Director of Communications manage both internal and external communication. He already took over our social media and started producing catchy infographics and up-to-date website content.

After having worked as Marketer in the private sector for 5+ years, he decided to switch his career to start working for the non-profit sector. If you ask him why - and we did when we interviewed him - his response would simply be "What's most satisfying than ensuring that children are not deprived of the advantage of having both parents in their lives?"

He has also volunteered for several charities to support causes such as homelessness, marine conservation and human rights. He brings with him experience and plenty of enthusiasm and energy.

We definitely needed a younger face. Welcome Luca!  :)

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FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

Families Need Fathers work with a range of family law professionals, including Family Law Panel


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