FNF AGM 2019 - First Announcement

Aug 09 2019

Advance Notice of Families Need Fathers Annual General Meeting and Conference - Saturday 14th September 2019 

Trustees hereby notify members of the date for an Annual General Meeting in London’s Euston on Saturday 14th September 2019. Details of the venue will be confirmed separately with the formal announcement and agenda for the AGM.

The vital administrative business of the charity benefits us by ensuring that we have Trustees who are able to support the development of our work. We cordially invite as many members as possible to attend. The AGM itself is expected (to be confirmed) to take place at 3:30pm.

Seminars and Discussions

There will be an opportunity to discuss the future direction of FNF at this conference as well as practical guidance on family justice. We will provide further details of registration and event speakers separately.

Please reserve the day in your diaries.


Members may nominate someone to stand for election as set out below. Details of those who have been nominated will be circulated with the next formal announcement.

The list of desired skills below has been identified by the board to strengthen the skillset held collectively by the Board, and that is appropriate to our national charity. It is not mandatory, however, and a trustee candidate may not have any of the desired skills listed and may have other skills and knowledge that the Board feel would benefit the charity as well as having the time to commit to the charity.

The legal requirements to becoming a trustee are that you are not legally barred for holding such a post, you have been correctly proposed and you are willing to hold the post.

Anyone wanting more information should contact the Company Secretary.

The board would welcome interest from people who have the time to participate at least 1-2 days a month as well as offering one or more of the following:

The board also desires new Trustees who have the time to participate at least 1-2 days a month as well as offering one or more of the following:

1. Is a partner in a law firm or an experienced family court lawyer.

2. Has a network and close relationships with a celebrity group of contacts who could enhance the FNF profile and standing.

3. Has experience over a number of years of successfully building commercial enterprises from start-up positions to a turnover of £1 million plus.

4. Is a former or current MP or a former senior civil servant acting in a department that deals in family matters, family law, health or education or other relevant areas at a senior level.

5. Has proven experience in public relations, news or media at a national level.

6. Has substantial commercial or larger scale charity marketing or fundraising experience and is a member of the Institute of Marketing or another nationally recognised professional body.

7. Has professional experience and a good track record of Fundraising or of PR and national or high-profile media and communication skills.

8. Has demonstrable experience of successfully lobbying and achieving legislative or social change.

9. Has professional finance and/or governance skills.

Please note that it is not necessary for a trustee to be a member of FNF – rather that they bring relevant skills and experience and can devote adequate time to the role.

Trustees need to be able to devote a reasonable amount of their free time to helping with the governance and development of the charity. This will involve participating in 6 - 8 evening meetings a year (usually by Skype), attending an Annual General Meeting, also contributing to development of our activities by taking on specific projects in their own time and contributing to the work of sub-committees that focus on the services we offer. This includes fundraising, marketing, campaigning, governance, etc. The role of Trustees is to develop policies and ensure that the charity complies with legal requirements (for more details please see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-essential-trustee-what-you-need-to-know-cc3).

Please note that we are open to nomination of potential Trustees at all times, not just at AGMs.  We can co-opt new Trustees on to the Board in between AGMs and this gives additional opportunities for the Board and prospective Trustees to work together pending their confirmation by election at AGMs.

Trustee Nominations

Any member who qualifies to vote can propose a Trustee. It is a qualification of voting that a member has been fully paid-up for the previous 12 months. The nominated person may be, but does not have to be, a member of FNF, however, they do need to inform me of their willingness to accept the nomination and must provide the following information: 

Full Name (including any middle names)
Residential Address
Date of Birth
Country/State of Residence

A brief CV of approximately 600 words highlighting their personal and public experience.

The board are able to make rules and offer guidance as to who would be most welcome to join the board. To ensure that there is a healthy balance of experience on the board, the additional information requested may be shared with the Board and with members, in accordance with recommended good governance practice. With maintaining a balance in mind, the board have a rule that there should be at least 30%, but no more than 50% of Trustees who are branch/group officials.

Applicants for Trusteeship should provide all of the details required by Companies House to register as a Trustee (as set out above) and are also requested to show the Board of Trustees how they meet the criteria shown in the identification of the skills gap that exists. This qualification should be in the form of a written CV of 600 words or more, giving clear examples of how their skills, experience and qualifications make them a suitable candidate to fill the role.

All such proposals or resolutions must be received by the Company Secretary, Michael Lewkowicz, not later than 10am on 9th August 2019 in order for candidates to be put to the membership in the notice of the annual general meeting.

All proposals and acceptances by nominees should be made in writing and sent by post to the company registered office or by email to michael.lewkowicz@fnf.org.uk. All applications/proposals received will be acknowledged.

There will be a separate formal notification by 23rd August 2019 with further details of the AGM.

If you would like to find out a more about our activities over the last year and review some of our plans, please see the latest FNF Annual Report and Accounts for 2017-18.

Thank you, on behalf of the Board of FNF,


Michael Lewkowicz

FNF Company Secretary

501 The Pill Box, 115 Coventry Road, London E2 6GG
Charity number: 276899
Company number: 01396139