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Dr L F Lowenstein - What is Parental Alienation?

16th June 2012

This half day course offers a chance to learn about the process and effects of parental alienation from a world renowned authority in the field, Dr L.W. Lowenstein. Dr Lowenstein has worked with children and families in these situations for over 20 years, and has acted regularly as an expert witness in court proceedings. This course will explore the psychological dimensions of alienation, and offer guidance on how to remain an effective parent during this time. 


£20 (£15 reduced rate for unwaged)

Please note that those booking places at the unwaged reduced rate will be required to send information confirming their current status to the FNF central office.

Course Date and Location:

16th June 2012, 2pm - 5pm

Rivington Place

Click on the address for a map of the venue.

Course Leader:
Dr.L.F. Lowenstein

Dr L.F. Lowenstein, M.A., Dip. Psych., Ph.D., C.Psychol. is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He is a qualified Clinical and Educational Psychologist and also works in the area of Forensic Psychology. He has published widely in both clinical and educational psychology, as well as forensic psychology.

He is currently a Director of an out-patient centre and of Southern England Psychological Services, which is an independent organisation dealing with a variety of emotional and psychological problems among children, adolescents and adults. He has published over 4000 articles and has written and contributed to several books on a variety of subjects dealing with psychology He has also been interviewed as an expert in his field on television and radio.

He has acted as an expert witness for cases requiring his expertise and has attended court in connection with this. He is currently on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, and a registered Law Society Expert Witness. He is also a Member of the Academy of Experts , as well as an accredited member of the Expert Witness Directory and various organisations concerned with expert witness work.

 Course Outline

Course outline to follow shortly.

Course registration and further information:

This event has been been cancelled. If you have already registered for this course and have not yet received your refund, please contact Chiatulah Ameke on or 0300 0300 110 (extension: 102).

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