Dyslexia Webinar

8th November 2012, 8pm

Dyslexia affects around 1,625,000 adults in the UK. People with dyslexia can find the family court system difficult to navigate, particularly if acting as a litigant-in-person.

Michael Robinson, founder of The Custody Minefield (www.thecustodyminefield.com),  will be presenting a 1 hour Webinar which will provide tips on how those with dyslexia can better negotiate the family court process. This interactive session will be presented in an engaging, audio-visual format, and allow you the opportunity to ask questions in real time during the session.

Course Leader:

Michael Robinson is a renowned author and campaigner on the family justice system. The multi-format information resources provided through The Custody Minefield help thousands of parents each year to navigate their way through the family courts, with a focus on co-operative parenting outcomes in the best interests of the children involved.

Michael is perhaps best known for his ground-breaking campaigning work on leave-to-remove and internal relocation cases, championing the rights of children to be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents following parental separation in these situations. This work contributed to a major breakthrough in courts’ approaches to these cases in 2011, and Michael continues to be a prominent voice in family law reform.


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