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Presented by Suzy Miller - Divorce Strategist - Supported by Families Need Fathers

Retreat: "The Best Way to Split"

(And how to get a nasty divorce/separation back on track)

Weekend Friday through to Sunday afternoon 16 Sept 2018

The event is run as a collaboration of professionals, experts and support organisations who all want to help families find a better way to change form.

The Retreat takes place in a comfortable setting - yet the price is surprisingly low, including two days of workshops and direct access to experts in law, finance, parenting and well-being, and even the lunches are part of the package - for only £348 in total.  Because of Families Need Fathers' support of the Retreat, a number of their members will be able to access a £120 saving.  For those who wish to join FNF in order to access that generous discount, they will more than cover their membership costs!

This event is not for couples, but for those people dealing with separation at any stage and who will benefit from a weekend away - some 'me' time - in the beautiful Sussex countryside, combining holistic relaxation, gathering vital information to save wasting thousands on a divorce-gone-wrong, and learning practical tools to change the way your family changes form after separation.  

The focus is on keeping you emotionally and psychologically resilient to what might be a harrowing journey, and keeping your children's welfare at the centre of the information and inspiration you will encounter at the event. This event is also ideal for those considering mediation and wanting to understand how to use it effectively to get the best results. We are also collaborating with support organisations like Families Need Fathers and we want to make sure that we have a wide range of retreat attendees, as the power of working in a group is part of the massive value that we aim to provide.

Peaceful divorce isn't just for 'some people'.  It can be available to us all, but it's not a fluffy 'everyone hugs each other' type of peace.  It's a peace based on boundaries, clarity, collaborating and focusing on the children's needs, and being supported to have the courage to hold the vision for a better future for your extended family.  

The organiser of the Retreat, Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller, believes it only takes one person to stay sane in a divorce - to hold a safe harbour of common sense for the other parent to access at any point when they get bored of wasting money and being angry all the time.  The more the 'sane' parent knows about how to make that happen right from the start - or before the assets are all spent on legal fees - the more children will be spared the damage that a nasty divorce bequeaths them.

This Retreat is a haven of information and inspiration for anyone considering divorce or separation, in the thick of it, or still struggling with co-parenting  issues.  Spaces are limited, and the cost has been kept as low as possible to keep it accessible.  

Members of FNF will be able to access a code and benefit from a £120 price reduction (Watch this space!).

Presented by Families Need Fathers - East London Branch

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities

A Parenting Program for Mums and Dads living apart

13 Weekly sessions at 6.30 – 9.00pm - Starting 26th Sept

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Dyslexia Webinar

8th November 2012, 8pm

Dyslexia affects around 1,625,000 adults in the UK. People with dyslexia can find the family court system difficult to navigate, particularly if acting as a litigant-in-person.

Michael Robinson, founder of The Custody Minefield (,  will be presenting a 1 hour Webinar which will provide tips on how those with dyslexia can better negotiate the family court process. This interactive session will be presented in an engaging, audio-visual format, and allow you the opportunity to ask questions in real time during the session.

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Dr L F Lowenstein - What is Parental Alienation?

16th June 2012

This half day course offers a chance to learn about the process and effects of parental alienation from a world renowned authority in the field, Dr L.W. Lowenstein. Dr Lowenstein has worked with children and families in these situations for over 20 years, and has acted regularly as an expert witness in court proceedings. This course will explore the psychological dimensions of alienation, and offer guidance on how to remain an effective parent during this time. 

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