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FNF Strategy for Separated Families and Protection of Children and Adults 

We have prepared a presentation of an outline "Strategy for Separated Families and Protection of Children and Adults".

This presentation was initially shared as "A Strategy for Separated Families" at our National Conference on 21st November 2020. The theme was significantly inspired by an internal Government agency report criticising it for not having such a cross-departmental strategy. Their response so far has been focused on a ‘conflict avoidance’ project that we are trying to influence as it is, so far, too focused on therapeutic approaches that are unlikely to reach those who need these most, will not work for many people and are not scalable.

This presentation was also followed by a variation of it the following day to the Vancouver International Conference on Shared Parenting 2020 - the theme of which was ‘The Intersection of Shared Parenting and Family Violence’. 

This paper effectively provides a written and more detailed narrative to the two presentations and also contains information about FNF and what are some of the key reforms we wish to see. 



If you have been affected by the issues in this paper, please contact your MP, tell them your story, share a link to this document and suggest that they get in touch with us on to discuss ways of progressing these issues. Here is an example of a clear and effective letter to an MP. You can copy us if you wish on your email and/or response. We will not share your details externally without your permission.


Click Here to Download FNF Strategy for Separated Families and Protection of Children and Adults 

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FNF HSSF Kite Mark

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

Families Need Fathers work with a range of family law professionals, including Family Law Panel.

FNF are pleased to announce a partnership with MyDaddy who have built this excellent app for the significant proportion of fathers who are now newly sharing parenting after separation.

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