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FNF Submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Domestic Abuse

This Committee of MPs is conducting an inquiry into Domestic Abuse. These cross-party Committees are influential and seek to hold the Government to account on their proposals.

We made a written submission to the Committee, answering their specific questions. Details of which have been published on the Parliamentary website. Our focus was on having proper checks and balances in the system to deter its abuse in the heat of family separation, to minimise the damage to children and to their relationships with both parents, as well as ensuring that the needs of men who are suffering abuse are also being met.

Our written submission can be found here.

Details of the inquiry are here.

Please write to your MP or arrange to meet with them and share your experience of these or other points you consider relevant and suggest that they contact the Minister or a member of the Select Committee. If any of the members of the Select Committee are your MP then all the better. Details of which MPs are on the Committee can be found here.