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Input into FNF’s Strategy

Input into FNF’s Strategy

FNF’s Trustees are planning a ‘strategy day’ to discuss ideas for the future, vision, mission and how to resource this and achieve the charity’s objectives. We have previously carried out member and service user surveys to assist with this. On this occasion, to help  us to take into account what you think, please email us your ideas and thoughts. Feedback will be given on the issues that concern you, the ideas you send and the priorities that Trustees then adopt. Please email your thoughts to and put the word ‘Strategy’ into the subject line. Many thanks.


'Contact at all costs' Campaign

Review of how family courts protect children and parents in cases involving domestic abuse and serious offences

Families Need Fathers seeks to provide balance on the Victoria Derbyshire Show

A number of organisations have lobbied MPs to persuade them to back a campaign for an independent review of how family courts protect children and parents in cases involving domestic abuse and serious offences. The campaign's focus appears to be the suggestion that courts are making orders for 'contact at all costs', following the deaths of four children over the last four years or so who were killed by fathers on contact. The Victoria Derbyshire Show earlier this month in which we took part (this episode can be viewed here until 13th June 2019) was based on this premise, whilst ignoring incidents of children killed by mothers, including those on contact. It was also the basis of a letter from 123 MPs calling for an independent review.

Most of our service users will know that the suggestion of 'contact at all costs' is far from the truth and certainly not based on any evidence. Our experience tells us that is is precisely the opposite.

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About Law & Information

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For anyone going through personal and family difficulties, it is important to have an understanding of what rights the child, parents, and other family members have, what are the procedures involved when a case goes to court, how does one apply for a court order in the first place, what other useful bodies/agencies can one turn to for help, and so on.

With the right information the process can become a lot less daunting.

Choose from the topics in the left hand menu for more information.


Have you found these pages helpful and/or would you like more information? Consider becoming a member of FNF to download our Factsheets for free.  These include further information on the Children Act 1989, representing yourself in court, mediation and much more.  Please go to the Publications menu above and select Factsheets and Guides to see our list of available Factsheets; If you are a member and are logged in you will be able to download them there immediately.

If you would like further information on the many benefits of becoming a member of FNF, please click here.

A Guide to leaving a Legacy to FNF in your Will

Small or large, every gift we receive in a Will makes a vital contribution to our work. But how do you go about arranging it?

Here's a quick summary on what to do:

1) The first step is to talk to a solicitor or professional advisor
If you don't already have a Will, a solicitor will be able to draft one for you. This is usually inexpensive and vital if you want to make sure that everything is done correctly. By having a proper Will in place you can be sure your wishes will get carried out – from providing for your loved ones through to leaving a gift to your favourite charity. Even if you already have one, it's easy to arrange for your gift to be added by using what's known as a 'codicil'.

2) Thinking about what you're going to leave
You can discuss this when you meet with your solicitor. However, it's well worth thinking about it beforehand. What you'll need to consider are the things you own e.g. your property, possessions and investments and the things you owe e.g. your mortgage, loans etc. That way you'll have a clear idea about how much you have and who you'd like to leave it to.

3) Making your gift to FNF?
Once you've made provision for your loved ones, you can then look at how you'd like to make your gift. You can either leave a specific amount of money, which is known as a Pecuniary Bequest or a share of what's left over after all your wishes have been carried out, which is a Residuary Bequest.  Rather than leaving a precise sum of money, many choose to leave a percentage or the residue of their estate as it means that its value will not be affected by inflation. 

Most people make a gift in one of the ways shown below:

A straightforward gift to where the need is greatest. This is how the majority of our members choose to remember FNF - Because both parents matter. It’s straightforward because your gift is treated as ‘general funds’ and used wherever the need is greatest at the time. For example, we might use it for everything from improving our on-line services to developing a new parenting or LIP course.

4) Make sure your legacy is worded correctly
In any Will, it's essential that the wording is legally sound and that there's no chance that it might be misconstrued. That's where your solicitor will prove invaluable. To help, we've included a sample wording which may help you although we recommend taking legal advice whenever you make or change your will.

"I bequeath to Families Need Fathers Ltd (‘FNF’) of Unit 501, The Pill Box Building, 115 Coventry Road, London, E2 6GG, registered charity number 276899, the sum of £_______ (for a pecuniary bequest), or: the residue of my estate (for a residuary bequest) to be used by FNF at its discretion. "

5) It's all in the execution
Your executors are the people who will be in charge of making sure your wishes are carried out. It’s worth thinking carefully about who you appoint as your executors. They can be friends or family, or professionals like a solicitor. In certain instances we can also perform the role for you e.g. if you’re thinking about making FNF a major beneficiary. However, it does place an extra administrative burden on our resources and we prefer to concentrate on looking after the places and spaces you care about.

6) We’d like to thank you

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal gesture and we appreciate that some people prefer to keep these things private. However, we’d really like to thank you for your kindness and show you what you’ll be helping us to achieve.  So please, do get in touch with our friendly team on 0300 0300 110

About News & Events

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Families Need Fathers provides you with the latest news and events  to help you stay involved with your children after a separation. 

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Training Courses

Families Need Fathers offers a range of training courses for members and non-members on a range of issues around separation and parenting - courses are added on a rolling basis, so be sure to check back regularly!.

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About Help & Support

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If you are separating or divorced and are worried about not seeing your children - or worried about the effect the breakdown of your relationship might have on them, Families Need Fathers can provide you with the support and information you need.

Our services are open to mothers, fathers, grandparents, new partners and extended families. We are an organisation dedicated to helping parents and their families continue to provide the love, care and support that their children need after separation - and are there to support parents and families in doing this - especially if you are having problems in coming to an agreement on your own.

An informative starting point is our Read Me First section.


Support and information is available in a number of ways:


National Telephone Helpline - available from 9am - 10pm Monday to Friday, 10am - 3pm at weekends on 0300 0300 363.

Local Branch Meetings - where you can get face-to-face help, surrport and advice, discuss your situation with others in similar circumstances and join like-minded individuals in supporting each other

Expert Emotional Support - FNF is pleased to announce that Divorce Support Group is now offering expert emotional support in your locality. They offer individual, telephone or group counselling.

Members can also benefit from:

•Free downloadable Factsheets & Guides (available to non-members for a small price), including information on dealing with CAFCASS, making financial arrangments and representing yourself in court.

Online Forum - connect with other people going through similar situations.

•Much more! Please click here for more information on membership benefits.


 FNF in Scotland and Wales:

  • If you are based in Scotland or Wales, there is FNF Scotland and FNF Cymru to support you. We provide a number of branch meetings in towns such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Swansea. You can find information about them on FNF Scotland's or FNF Cymru's websites.

There are a number of other organisations that may also provide you with the information, services and help you need. Click here for links to other help and support.

We would strongly recommend making use of Cafcass' guide for separating parents, parenting plans, which can be downloaded here.


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FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

Families Need Fathers work with a range of family law professionals, including Family Law Panel


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