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Christmas Wishes for 2015 and a New Fathers' Single

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016

We also look forward to the day when separated parents put their children first and work together fully and openly following separation.  Children grow up best with the unrestricted love and support of both their parents - Can we do this for them?

In the meantime here is a musical promotion we have joined in with:

Jack Ezra releases second single based on his experiences as a separated father



Musician Jack Ezra has released his second single, Christmas Father” from his album “Weekend Daddy”, inspired by his experiences as a separated dad. The father of three from Hertfordshire, based many of the songs on his album on his heart-wrenching experiences of divorce and struggling to maintain a relationship with his children through a high conflict separation. Dads who no longer live with their children after separation often find the run up to Christmas to be one of the most difficult times of the year, where the distance between themselves and their children can become unbearable.

Jack’s aim with his two singles and the album is to give a voice to the experiences of thousands of dads who will not be able to spend time with their children this Christmas, and to draw attention to the impact that high conflict separations can have on children and parents over time. 

Jack Ezra, the musician behind “Christmas Father” & “Weekend Daddy”, said: “I have wanted to produce this album for many years, but as anyone who has been through separation and struggled to see their children will know, it has only been recently that I have been able to put these overwhelming emotions and experiences into words. My experiences took me to some very dark places, and it was only with the support of my family and friends that I was able to make it through. Not every dad who struggles to see their children has that luxury, and with this music I wanted to let them know that they are not alone this Christmas. I hope that it will inspire any dads still struggling to maintain a relationship with their kids to keep going, and to let them know that support is out there.”

Jerry Karlin, Chair of the charity Families Need Fathers, commented: “Christmas Day will be celebrated across the world, but for many of the parents we work with, it will be a very difficult time spent apart from their children. I know that many dads will connect deeply with the messages in Jack’s music, and I hope that our support for Jack will raise some much needed awareness of the struggles that many fathers face just trying to remain a part of their children’s lives.

The single “Christmas Father” or songs from the album “Weekend Daddy” can be purchased via iTunes at A generous portion of the proceeds go to Families Need Fathers, to support the charity’s work.

More information about Jack Ezra and his music can be found on the following link:

About Jack Ezra. Jack Ezra is a multi-talented all-rounder, inventor, singer song-writer, 3D film producer-director-script writer, teacher and father of three. His New Album, Weekend Daddy features many songs about family break up, including the title track Weekend Daddy. Other songs include 911 Daddy Down, Ice On The Sun, Invisible To You, Your World, Crossfire, Christmas Father and an instrumental track, Sisters. Jack's music is sponsored by the charity Families Need Fathers.


Jack Ezra's Albums, "Weekend Daddy" & "Premonition" on iTunes:

Taster of the "Christmas Father" single:

The single “Weekend Daddy” video:

Jack Ezra Music Facebook Page: 

Weekend Daddy Lyrics - Click HERE         Weekend Daddy image gallery - Click HERE

“Premonition” Album information - Click HERE       Premonition Album Lyrics - Click HERE


Families Need Fathers, like many charities, has experienced drastic financial cutbacks following the recession.  This has considerably affected our ability to campaign for changing the way that separated parents - typically dads - are so frequently denied a proper relationship with their children by the operation of the family courts.  Please help us to rebuild our strength and to do more for separated parents - and ultimately for our children.  You can make a donation very simply by clicking the Donate button below.  Thank you.

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Notes for editors:

Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter
FNF is a registered charity providing information and support on shared parenting issues arising from family breakdown, and support to divorced and separated parents, irrespective of gender or marital status. FNF is NOT a fathers' rights group - we support the best interests of children - namely mature and collaborative parenting by both parents - an objective which is inadequately promoted in the family court system and associated services.

Our primary concern is the maintenance of the child’s meaningful relationship with both parents.

Founded in 1974, FNF helps thousands of parents every year.

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