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Local Branch Meetings

We organise meetings all over the country for parents to meet and talk with others who are in a similar situation. Going to meetings and speaking to our experienced volunteers is especially useful if you are going through a court process, as many of our members choose to represent themselves with the support of other FNF members.

Meetings are run by FNF volunteers, some branches may invite outside helpers who offer advice, such as solicitors, McKenzie Friends or Cafcass/Social Workers who offer their time free of charge. Meetings can also be partly social occasions where you can chat and share experiences.

FNF meetings welcome all parents, grandparents, extended family and friends who may attend with, or on behalf, of a parent who needs help. You don't have to be a member to come to a meeting, but we would expect you to become a member and help us if you wish to continue attending our meetings. It is only fair that you in turn support us in our essential work, or make a donation to support our charity.

If there are no meetings in your area, you may consider starting one yourself with FNF support. To find out more click here, please contact . To find out about the other services available to you as a member, see Join Us

Below is our FNF GOOGLE MAP which shows meeting locations, times, contact details and additional information about speakers etc.

For details of branches in Wales, please see the FNF BPM Cymru website.



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Upcoming Meetings

Manchester Meeting
18 Feb 2020;
07:00PM -
Hastings Meeting
18 Feb 2020;
07:00PM - 09:00PM
Harrow Branch Meetings
18 Feb 2020;
07:30PM - 09:30PM
London West Meeting
19 Feb 2020;
07:30PM - 09:30PM
Aberdeen Meeting
20 Feb 2020;
07:00PM - 09:00PM
Wakefield Meeting
20 Feb 2020;
07:00PM -
Harrow Branch Meetings
22 Feb 2020;
12:30PM - 02:00PM
London Central Meeting
24 Feb 2020;
08:00PM -
Harrow Branch Meetings
25 Feb 2020;
07:30PM - 09:30PM
London East (Tower Hamlets)
26 Feb 2020;
06:30PM - 09:00PM
Cambridge Meeting
26 Feb 2020;
07:30PM - 09:30PM
Southport Meeting
27 Feb 2020;
08:00PM - 09:30PM

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FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

Families Need Fathers work with a range of family law professionals, including Family Law Panel


Upcoming Events

18/02/2020 Tue: Manchester Meeting
18/02/2020 Tue: Hastings Meeting
18/02/2020 Tue: Harrow Branch Meetings
19/02/2020 Wed: London West Meeting
20/02/2020 Thu: Aberdeen Meeting
20/02/2020 Thu: Wakefield Meeting
22/02/2020 Sat: Harrow Branch Meetings
24/02/2020 Mon: London Central Meeting
25/02/2020 Tue: Harrow Branch Meetings
26/02/2020 Wed: London East (Tower Hamlets)
26/02/2020 Wed: Cambridge Meeting
27/02/2020 Thu: Southport Meeting
27/02/2020 Thu: Exeter Meeting
29/02/2020 Sat: Harrow Branch Meetings
2/03/2020 Mon: London Central Solicitor's Clinic
2/03/2020 Mon: Edinburgh Meeting
2/03/2020 Mon: Nottingham Meeting