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If you are going through or have recently experienced a divorce or separation, our website can help youto stay on top of your financial situation. (The website will be updated shortly to include information relevant to Scotland and Northern Ireland.)

Below are some key messages about the website from the Money Advice Service:

'There is so much to deal with when you’re separating or getting divorced. When you’re ready to sort out the finances, we can help.

  • We provide free, impartial help and guidance to help you work out the finances if you are separating or getting divorced.  
  • We are part of a network of support that can help you through this difficult time. For more information about other organisations who can help visit

Secondary messages

  • Our site is the first of its kind, giving you comprehensive guidance on the financial aspects of separating or getting divorced as well as an overview of the legal process. 

More info:

The Money Advice Service comes to you from CFEB - We are the UK’s Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB), an independent body established by the Financial Services Authority.  We are responsible for helping consumers understand financial matters and manage their finances better.

Providing financial information for those going through (or thinking about) a divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution.

There are often significant financial implications for people to deal with when divorcing ,separating or going through a civil partnership dissolution (or those considering such steps).  From our research and speaking to leading organisations, we knew that there was a lack of clear, simple and easily accessible financial information for those these processes. We therefore developed a new Money Advice Service website to provide free, impartial information and guidance.

Why a website?

  • the Internet is the preferred means of accessing information because of its anonymity, ease of access and its potential to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all one needs to know about money and divorce, separation and civil partnership dissolution; and
  • people have varying levels of need in this area; a website can direct them to what they need without them experiencing information overload and disengagement at this highly emotional time in their lives. 

What’s available on the Divorce and Separation website?

The Money Advice Service Divorce and Separation website pulls together a wide range of financial information in one place.  It offers impartial help with the complex and stressful financial issues consumers may face in a divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution. In particular it covers:

  • Thinking about divorce or separation
  • The steps involved
  • If you have children
  • Living arrangements
  • Splitting what you have
  • Managing money

It also gives a simple overview of the legal process, and importantly it forms a network of support by providing direct links to organisations providing family, relationship and legal support.

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