Parental Alienation - Child Abuse and Intimate Terrorism Says Research

4.5 Million Parents Suffer Intimate Terrorism

Their Children Abused by Parental Alienation

Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) have published a report identifying Parental Alienation as a form or child abuse and intimate terrorism.

Associate Professor of Psychology at CSU, Jennifer Harman estimates that this affects 22 million American parents. Projecting the US figures suggests 4.5 million UK parents with alienated children!

Harman, an expert in power dynamics, says the following:

“You have to treat an alienated parent like an abused person.
You have to treat the child like an abused child.
You take the child out of that abusive environment.
You get treatment for the abusive parent, and you put the child in a safe environment – the healthier parent.”

We are drawing this to the attention of Cafcass who, having moved forward in accepting that alienation, or as they prefer to call it 'unjustified rejection' by a child of a parent, they still sorely lack plans for appropriate interventions. What are they waiting for?

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