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Research into Men’s Experience of Female Aggression

Research into Men’s Experience of Female Aggression

Are you a man who has been in a relationship with a female partner, and have experienced physical and verbal aggression, emotional aggression, and/or have felt you have been controlled and manipulated by your partner or ex-partner? This may include false allegations or issues relating to your children. The questions should make it clear what is relevant.

Dr Elizabeth Bates of University of Cumbria is looking for participants who are willing to anonymously share their experience of relationship conflict. She has, helpfully, even included a link to help you cover your tracks on the device you use to access the survey should you still be worried about it. Dr Bates is hoping to develop an understanding of specific barriers that men experience in help-seeking in this situation. The research will be shared with FNF.

To find out more, and take part, please follow this link:


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