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Spotlight on Child Protection in Family Courts - Final Reminder of Deadline 26th August 2019

Final Reminder - Spotlight on Child Protection in Family Courts

Submit Your Response Now!

Deadline is 26th August 2019

If you have not completed your submission to the Government are conducting a Review of how family courts protect litigants in family courts, then this is the last chance to do so. The call for 'evidence' will inevitably produce one-sided and anecdotal stories that will not be informed by tested facts to determine false allegations, relevance or the sometimes complex abusive dynamics of specific relationships. The submissions will also be reviewed by a highly quetionable panel of 'experts' that includes representatives of women's right organisatons, but not a single organisation representing men or fahters. However, if the MoJ are to rely on "trial by outcry", it is important that as many views are received as possible. It needs to include stories from good dads whose children have been denied contact, whose children have been abused by alienation or who have not reported abuse for fear of loss of access to their children. So if you have not made your submission yet - ACT NOW and HAVE YOUR SAY!.

If you have not read it already, more details on this issue can be found in our previous Newsletter of 9th August 2019.

Please feel free to copy us on your sumbissions at - we will not pubish details that might identify you without your permission.

Notice of FNF AGM 2019

Notice of Families Need Fathers Annual General Meeting - Saturday 14th September 2019 

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 14th September at 3.30pm at JZ Young Lecture Theatre, University College London (UCL), Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT


Business at the AGM will be as follows:

  1. Welcome by FNF Chair Jerry Karlin
  2. Acceptance of Minutes of AGM of 23rd June 2018
    (you will need to login to FNF website first to download these minutes)
  3. Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18
  4. Confirmation of Trustees
  5. Appointment of Auditors
  6. Resolutions
  7. AOB

Close of Business

Attendance at the AGM part of the meeting is free of charge to all Members. 

No Trustees were due for re-election by rotation at the time of this AGM. Mairead McKeever, a family mediation professional, was co-opted to the Board as of 26th February 2019. Mairead is put forward by the Board for re-appointment at this AGM. Alison Bushell, an experienced court expert witness and independent social worker, was nominated to be elected to the board in accordance with FNF Articles. On the understanding of there being no reservations from the Board prior to this AGM, both Mairead and Alison will both be duly elected.

The following individuals will therefore be trustees as at 14th September 2019:

1. Jerry Karlin
2. Greg Downing
3. Phil Markham
4. Lee Grice
5. Andrew Crumpton
6. Wayne Martin
7. Ian Findlay
8. Robert Cheyne
9. Alexandra Lessing
10. Mairead McKeever
11. Alison Bushell


There are no qualifying proposals for resolutions to be put to the AGM in accordance with the notice duly given on 26th July 2019.

If you would like to find out a more about our activities over the last year and review some of our plans, please see the latest FNF Annual Report and Accounts for 2017-18.

Thank you, on behalf of the Board of FNF,


Michael Lewkowicz - 23rd August 2019

FNF Company Secretary

501 The Pill Box, 115 Coventry Road, London E2 6GG
Charity number: 276899
Company number: 01396139


Bookings for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 and conference are now open. The AGM part of the day is free to all Members to attend, but a separate free ticket must be booked. To benefit from our early-bird offer bookings for the conference at £12, please book now

The conference this year will focus on the issues that cause damaging delays in family courts with suggestions and discussions on how to reduce these.

Our speakers, who will be willing to take questions from attendees, will include:

Erin Pizzey - Founder of the first refuge for battered women and children and Women's Aid, but outraged that women were as capable of violence as men.
Alison Bushell - Court expert with expertise on Parental Alienation. Alison will address practical ways of dealing with this issue.
Dr Hamish Cameron - respected Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and FNF Patron, will contribute to the discussion on parental alienation.
Mairead McKeever - Family mediation professional and FNF Trustee. Mairead will talk about gaining benefit from mediation so it is not just another hurdle.
NACCC (National Association of Children Contact Centres) representatives will talk about the role contact centres can play in retaining relationships with children.
Sarah Phillimore - Experienced family barrister. Sarah will talk about the victim/perpetrator dichotomy and what can be done about it now and in the future.
More details will follow soon.

Please note that separate tickets must be obtained for the conference and for the AGM.

Spotlight on Child Protection in Family Courts - Update

Spotlight on Child Protection in Family Courts - Submit Your Response by 26th August 2019

Since our Newsletters on this subject of 31st May and 3rd July 2019, we informed you of the Government's announcement to have a review of how children and parents are protected in family courts. The call for evidence has been announced and, for all the flaws in the way that this review has been structured, it is important that they hear the many voices of good mums and dads who will be affected by conclusions of this report. So please respond to this review on the basis of your experience:

Read more ...

FNF 2019 Conference and AGM Booking

Families Need Fathers 2019 Conference and AGM

London Euston - Saturday 14th September 2019

Book now to get early-bird discount


Bookings for our annual conference and AGM 2019 are now open. We are pleased to offer early-bird bookings for FNF members for the conference at £12. So please book now to make the most of this special offer. The Annual General Meeting part of the event, in the afternoon, is free to all Members to attend.

The conference this year will focus on the issues that cause damaging delays in family courts with suggestions and discussions on how to reduce these.

Don't miss out and book now!

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Do you want to work for FNF? We are recruiting.

Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter

Operations and Marketing Officer
£24,000 to £28,000 depending on skills and experience

Closing date 18th August 2019

There is an enormous amount of work for us to do and we are delighted that we are in a position to recruit a full-time Operations and Marketing Officer, based at our national office in Bethnal Green. The role will be offered on a 12 month contract basis with the potential to renew and extend depending on funding and performance.

We have decided to look both internally and externally to fill this role. You can send your CV and covering letter to explain how you meet the person specification for the role to with FNFOMO2019 in the subject heading. 

Please read full details of this role online.


FNF Conference 2019

Families Need Fathers 2019 Conference and AGM

UCL London (Euston) - Saturday 14th September 2019

Book now


Bookings for our annual conference and AGM 2019 are open price £20.
So please book now to make the most of this special offer.

The Annual General Meeting part of the event, after 3pm, is free to all Members to attend (although you will need a separate free ticket).

The conference this year will focus on the issues that cause damaging delays in family courts with suggestions and discussions on how to reduce these. There will also be a Free Solicitor Clinic available throughout the day.

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We are pleased to be able to confirm that our speakers will include:
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