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For years they said 10% of separations went to court - that was wrong!

FNF Action Results in Fundamental Re-interpretation of Family Court Data

Our Article 'Not 1 in 10' (but 38%) is Published in The Stowe Family Law Blog 

Until recently the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) and others, periodically stated that just 10% of family separations resulted in court applications for Child Arrangements. A Government minister said the same thing just a few weeks ago, implying that is broadly ok as it is. Except that the information that they relied on for years was wrong. It was not a little wrong, it was a lot wrong.

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Parental Alienation - FNF Highlighted on Radio 4's Woman's Hour

Parental Alienation Discussed on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour

Families Need Fathers are Mentioned

BBC's Woman's Hour on 26th April broadcast an excellent discussion portraying the grim reality of Parental Alienation following publication of a judgement (Re MFS (Appeal: Transfe r of Primary Care) [2019] EWHC 768 (Fam)) where a child whose primary care was reversed.

The programme also highlighted FNF's involvement on International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, following a march from the Royal Courts of Justice to Downing Street organised, we understand, by an alienated mother and supported by us.

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March Against Parental Alienation

March Against Parental Alienation

25th April is International Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Many of you will already be aware from social media that a march on PA Day from the Royal Courts of Justice to Downing Street. It is an opportunity to make this terrible phenomenon more visible so that it can be properly addressed. The assembly point is outside the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand between 11am and midday when the march will progress to Downing Street. We understand that speakers will include:

Andrew Bridgen MP, Neil McEvon Welsh Assembly Member and parents and representatives of parents who have been affected by parental alienation. There will also be music by singer/songwriter Mark Hegarty.

No doubt there will be FNF supporters there so please join them and make your presence felt.

FNF speak on Men's Radio Station

We speak to Men's Radio Station about all things FNF

Families Need Fathers were invited on 28th April 2019 to spend an hour or so talking to Russ Kane about all things FNF on their Sunday afternoon show. We wish Russ, James, Goldie well with this project. 

Suppot FNF at the London Marathon - Peter's Story

Virgin London Marathon

Peter Pearcy is Running for his children and FNF this Sunday

Peter has four children, two from his first marriage and two from the second. Despite years in family courts he is unable to see two and they are unable to see each other. Such family relationships are unique and irreplaceable - their loss damaging. Peter says "This year I will be running the London Marathon to raise money for FNF so they can continue to help families reunite with their children, please give generously". You can read more of Peter's story and make a donation on his fundraising page. Peter has set himself a target of raising £2,500 and with your help he can do it!

Make Parental Alienation Illegal - Reminder

If you've not done it yet, please sign a petition to Make Parental Alienation a Criminal Offence

Each year thousands of children, who love both their parents, find themselves orphaned from one parent due to the poisonous behaviour of the other. Children are put under so much pressure to hate a parent that it becomes 'the real love that dare not speak its name' as Bob Geldof once said. It is devastating to target parents whose loving relationships end up slowly but surely being destroyed . It is simply child abuse and a form of coercive control, the effect of which is every bit as harmful as other forms of criminal abuse. This petition addresses this very comomn scourge and deserves everyone's support. Please SIGN THIS PETITION and share it.

Smash the 10,000 Signatures Target

10,000 signatures are needed for the government to have to take notice or at least acknowledge the petition. So please SIGN IT AND SHARE IT. If everyone who receives this email signs and then forwards it to other family members, friends and colleagues who then do so too, we will smash the 10,000 limit and make some progress.

To achieve our objective of ending this abuse we'll also need to keep up our future campaigns, so please encourage family and friends to REGISTER WITH US AT FNF AS WELL, FOR FREE.  They'll be able to receive our Newsletters, progress reports and other updates.

Further Action

Please ask to meet your MP or write to them. Tell them of your experience of parental alienation, tell them how many people have signed the petition to outlaw it and how ineffective family courts currently are at dealing with it. Tell them that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is considering formal recognition of PA and that the recent research by Colorado State University identifies it as both child abuse and a form of intimate partner violence. Suggest that your MP contacts the relevant ministers at the Ministries of Justice and Health to get their response. Please feel free to share any responses you get with us at (we will not publish identifying details without your permission).

Thank you!

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