International Men's Day 2015: Landmark Debate in Parliament

For immediate release: 20th November 2015

19th November 2015 saw a landmark debate in Parliament, campaigned for by the MP for Shipley, Philip Davies. For the first time a debate was held in Parliament for International Men's Day (IMD) mirroring the regularly held parliamentary debates on International Women's Day (IWD).

Jerry Karlin, Chair of Families Need Fathers commented: "MPs are traditionally elected to represent men and women regardless of their own gender and we expect them to focus on matters concerning all their constituents irrespective of gender. However both IMD and IWD are good opportunities for Parliament to focus on celebrating noteworthy achievements as well as highlighting notable failings in the gender arena. We note that the perfectly justified enthusiasm for eradicating gender inequalities shows a growing tradition of concentrating on factors affecting women only and not men, as regards their health and their position in the family, home, school and workplace. This increasingly is eclipsing consideration of the difficulties experienced by surprisingly large numbers of men in many areas such as suicide rates, divorce/separation and domestic violence, all areas where there is staggeringly less support for men than there is for women. We as a gender-neutral organisation congratulate Philip Davies MP and his parliamentary colleagues for standing up and highlighting - with statistics rather than hearsay - so many important inequities in modern Britain in such a balanced and fair manner."

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