Father's Day 2015

Father's Day is a time that can bring mixed emotions for many separated dads. Lots of things are happening at FNF around Father's day.  We've collected them here (along with some other Father's Day related news and resources).


Updated Families Need Fathers Charter for Father’s Day

June 2015 is being celebrated in Britain and around the world as the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the Great Charter of Liberties.

The FNF family (England, Wales and Scotland) has updated our own Charter ahead of Father’s Day to remind legislators and professionals involved in the administration of family law of the principles which underpin our charity.

  • No child should be denied a full and loving relationship with both their parents unless it has been proven that such a relationship presents a risk to the child;
  • The family justice system should promote collaboration and shared parenting between parents following separation;
  • Family courts need to respond swiftly to breaches of Child Arrangement Orders, to ensure that relationships between children and the parent they do not live with day-to-day are not compromised;
  • Information and support services should be easily accessible for separated parents throughout the different pathways of the family justice system;
  • The important contribution of fathers, mothers, grandparents and the wider family should be promoted wherever possible, in both family policy and wider society.

Jerry Karlin, Chair of Families Need Fathers, said, “Our updated Charter details the key areas of improvement that we would like to see both within family law and wider society. This, we believe would greatly benefit separating families. The more detailed proposals set out within the Charter will provide the focus of our work. Looking forward, we will seek to achieve progress on these principles for both our members and for the thousands of families who rely on the support of the family justice system each year.”

The full details of the Charter, including specific details for each principle, can be downloaded here.


Father's Day Reflections

Over the past couple of years we have spoken to FNF members who have shared their thoughts about Father’s Day, and what it means to them as separated parents. 

Father’s Day can be one of the most difficult times of the year for separated dads and their families. With the big advertising campaigns focussed on families, it can be a particularly lonely time, one which other people might struggle to understand.

You are not alone.

The stories of our members in Father’s Day Reflections cover some very different situations, but all highlight the efforts that many separated parents make to try and ensure their children can still enjoy a relationship with them.

You can read our members’ stories Here.

Remember, if you ever need to speak to someone about your situation, you can access our support services.


Weekend Daddy Album Release

FNF supporter and musician Jack Ezra has released an album inspired by his experiences as a separated dad. The father of two from Bishop’s Stortford based many of the songs on the album on his difficult experiences of divorce and struggling to maintain a relationship with his children through a high conflict separation.

Jack Ezra, the musician behind Weekend Daddy, said, “I have wanted to produce this album for many years, but as anyone who has been through separation and struggled to see their children will know, it has only been recently that I have been able to put these overwhelming emotions and experiences into words. My experiences took me to some very dark places, and it was only with the support of my family and friends that I was able to make it through. Not every dad who struggles to see their children has that luxury, and with this music I wanted to let them know that they are not alone this Father’s Day. I hope that it will inspire any dads still struggling to maintain a relationship with their kids to keep going, and to let them know that support is out there.”

Weekend Daddy can be purchased online via iTunes. Jack Ezra is donating a portion of all sales to Families Need Fathers, to support the charities work in communities across the country. More information about Jack Ezra and his music can be found Here


Tips for Managing Father's Day

Like other family occasions during the year, Father’s Day can through up a lot of challenges. Be it logistics or conflict with the other parent, these events can be difficult to manage.

Resolution have produced a Short Guide for Separated Parents for separated parents to help them go more smoothly, and is worth a look if you are worried that there will be a lot of arguments.  Our own tips on Managing Handovers may also help. 


Fathers Reading Every Day

Children benefit hugely from their dad’s reading to them, boosting their educational achievement and well-being. It is also a great deal of fun, for kids and adults alike!

Research suggests that this is not happening enough though, with 1 in 3 dads reading to young children less than once a month.

The Fatherhood Institute is crowdfunding make their Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) programme a reality in schools across the UK, and get more dads reading with their kids.

To find out more about the project and to donate, follow this link


Finally, if you're not yet a member of FNF please join in order to access the full range of our support services and to help us to support other parents to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children after separation. 

You can also donate to FNF if you would like to support us and help us to keep going in these very difficult times.

Best wishes to all the wonderful dads out there for Father's Day!



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