International Men's Day 2022

20221118 IMD Newsletter pictureAt Families Need Fathers we have supported mums, dads and grandparents for nearly 50 years to maintain relationships with their children; their daughters and sons.

The majority of our members are however dads, So on this day of all days, we would like to show our support for International Men’s Day 2022.

The 2022 theme is "helping men and boys".

At FNF, we believe helping families is crucial to children’s wellbeing and supporting men and boys with positive role models in society is needed for their healthy development.

These positive role models are not just dads, it's anyone who has interaction with our men and boys.

This isn't just a men and boys issue or even a dads issue, it's a social issue. These men and boys may go on to be our next generation of positive role models, good dads and granddad's to boys and girls. So today, whoever you are, please help us to help our men and boys.

By donating, or volunteering with the charity, or just taking part in the debate as regards to addressing how we help men and boys you could be part of the social solution.

As the mental health of our children is shown to be deteriorating, isn't it time we looked at societies approach our men and boys and how they interact with the modern family?

Support Families Need Fathers (Both Parents Matter).

Let’s unite the kingdom and improve the welfare of our families.

#IMD2022 #StrongerTogether #FNF50

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