Prime Minister Recognises the Importance of Both Parents

Families Need Fathers welcomes the Prime Minister’s speech on Families and Relationships today where he underlined the importance of children having a relationship with both of their parents after separation. He made the point that ‘relationships really matter for children, whether their parents are together or not’ and emphasised that Government needs to be there for families of all shapes and help love and support thrive within them.

Craig Pickering, FNF CEO, commented that ‘it’s excellent that the Prime Minister has recognised the importance of keeping both parents significantly involved in a child’s life, whether they are together or separated. What he says about the wider significance of parental involvement shows that there’s a gain elsewhere. Businesses, for example, can help their bottom line by ensuring that parents having difficulties with seeing their children are signposted to the right places for help.”

The Prime Minister identified the importance of fathers’ involvement in parenting, citing findings that their early participation makes a family ‘a third less likely to split.’

FNF is also encouraged by David Cameron’s intention to give more ‘direct help’ to separating parents to ensure that children’s needs are looked out for.

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