FNF Newsletter 1st February 2021Sent on 01 February 2021Government Consultation - Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)
Families Need Fathers – Court of Appeal Holding Statement;
Message from the President of the Family Division: The Road Ahead 2021;
The founder of FNF, Keith Parkin, sadly passed away on 17th January 2021;
Rule change allows parents to stay in hotels to see children.
FNF Newsletter 8th January 2021Sent on 08 January 2021Can children still move between the homes of separated parents under the latest National Lockdown?;
Cafcass publishes updated organisational guidance on working with children through Covid-19;
2019 US report, now powerfully challenged, claimed that courts were failing to protect children when mothers claimed domestic abuse because of counter-claims of parental alienation.
FNF Newsletter Xmas 2020Sent on 24 December 2020Surviving Xmas for Separated Parents;
Can children still move between the homes of separated parents?
FNF submission to Justice Committee inquiry into the Future of Legal Aid;
The House of Commons' International Men's Day 2020 Briefing
FNF Newsletter 11th December 2020Sent on 11 December 2020FNF Strategy on Separated Families at Vancouver 2020 - International Conference on Shared Parenting.
We spoke with The Guardian about ONS findings suggesting that sharing of childcare and housework was seemingly temporary during the lockdown.
Arizona Research Study suggests that Shared Parenting enhances Children's Wellbeing.
FNF Newsletter 3rd December 2020Sent on 03 December 2020Today's Times reports FNF proposals for an Early Intervention Pathway;
Regulation of Non-Statutory Child Advocacy services - Scottish Petition;
Arizona Research Study suggests that Shared Parenting enhances Children's Wellbeing;
Take part in the University of Worcester's Survey on Domestic Abuse.
FNF Newsletter 19th November 2020Sent on 19 November 2020FNF National Conference 2020: Registration Reminder and Agenda;
Actions for: FNF invited by MoJ to contribute to a review of how courts balance child safety and right to family life FNF invited by MoJ to contribute to a review of how courts balance child safety and right to family life.
FNF Newsletter 4th November 2020Sent on 04 November 2020FNF Annual Conference: Registration;
Ofsted Consultation on the Future inspection of Cafcass - Help us Submit our Proposal;
Cafcass Learning and Improvement Board.
FNF Newsletter 21st October 2020Sent on 21 October 2020FNF Conference 2020: Put your questions to the Speakers;
Covid-19: October Updates;
FNF Service Users & Return Cases: Surveys.
FNF Newsletter 13th October 2020Sent on 13 October 2020Cases Returning to Court SURVEY
FNF Newsletter 29th September 2020Sent on 29 September 2020Invitation to the FNF National Conference on November 21 - Save the Date!
Families Need Fathers - Both Parents Matter **SURVEY September 2020**
Consultation on remote and hybrid hearings open until 30 September.
FNF Newsletter 31st August 2020Sent on 31 August 2020FNF on George Galloway's Television and Radio Shows and
FNF Response to call for Evidence by the Women and Equalities Committee into Coronavirus and the impact on people with protected characteristics
FNF Newsletter 29th July 2020Sent on 29 July 2020Daisy Through the Looking Glass - 'must see' family separation play by HHJ Stephen Wildblood;
Early Interventions pathway: parental separation and children;
FNF Submission - The President's call for evidence on Transparency;
FNF Newsletter 26th June 2020Sent on 26 June 2020
FNF Newsletter Father's Day 2020Sent on 21 June 2020Father's Day 2020
FNF Newsletter 12th June 2020Sent on 12 June 2020The Public Bill Committee will scrutinise the Domestic Abuse Bill by 25th June 2020;
Petition - Deliberate disruption of a child's attachment bond with a safe parent is domestic abuse;
The President of Family Division published a 'road ahead' document for family courts and Covid-19;
FNF Newsletter 7th May 2020Sent on 07 May 2020Work and Pensions Committee investigate DWP response to coronavirus; Cafcass' Covid-19 Survey for Parents & Carers; You and Yours on CMS rescheduled most likely to next Thursday - not enough case studies; Call for evidence into the economics of Universal Credit - FNF response
FNF Newsletter 5th May 2020Sent on 05 May 2020 MPs debated in Parliament the second reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill; Non-Molestation Orders and Covid-19; Take part in the Victims Commissioner's survey if you have been a victim of abuse in the last 3 years; BBC Radio 4 You and Yours on Child Maintenance
FNF Newsletter 25th April 2020Sent on 25 April 2020PA Day Newsletter, Universal Credit, Sir Andrew consults on remote/on-line hearings
FNF Newsletter 9th April 2020Sent on 09 April 2020Navigating child arrangements amid COVID-19 concerns; COVID-19: Universal Credit and Child Maintenance concerns; Supporting each other during the Covid-19 pandemic on FNF Forum
FNF Newsletter 25th March 2020Sent on 25 March 2020Guidance on Compliance with Family Court Child Arrangement Orders

BBC's The Big Questions - Does the New Law on Domestic Abuse go far enough?
FNF Newsletter 19th March 2020Sent on 19 March 2020COVID-19: FNF Update - Getting Help 19th March 2020
FNF Newsletter 13th March 2020Sent on 13 March 2020Parental Alienation Awareness Day; Cobham Financial Divorce Workshop; FNF on BBC's The Big Questions; Suspension of branches' meetings due to COVID-19
FNF Newsletter 19th Feburary 2020Sent on 19 February 2020FNF evidence to London Victims' Commissioner, Finland equalises parental leave for parents, FNF at Divorce Fair 2020
FNF Newsletter 3rd February 2020Sent on 03 February 2020The Economic Affairs Committee launches its inquiry into the economics of Universal Credit and invites written contributions to its investigation. The deadline for submissions is 29 February 2020.

FNF is participating in the 3-day Divorce Fair in Kensington London between 20 and 22 of February.
FNF Christmas Newsletter 25th December 2019Sent on 25 December 20192019 Christmas Issue
FNF Newsletter 22nd November 2019Sent on 22 November 2019Erin Pizzey becomes FNF new Patron.
Support FNF whilst shopping on Amazon on Black Friday.
BBC Radio 4: Law in Action on Abusive Parents.
Suzy Miller Financial Worskshops - Free for FNF Members.
FNF Newsletter 30th August 2019Sent on 12 September 2019Announcement of our 2019 Conference and AGM to Members and Registered non-members.
FNF Newsletter 25th August 2019Sent on 25 August 2019Last Chance Reminder to respond to MoJ call for evidence to Consultation on Protection in Family Courts
FNF Newsletter 9th August 2019Sent on 09 August 2019Family Courts Review of Risk of Harm 2019
FNF Recruiting Operations and Marketing Officer
FNF Newsletter 20th July 2019Sent on 20 July 2019
FNF Newsletter 3rd July 2019Sent on 03 July 2019HMG sets up (almost all women) Panel to investigate alleged "Contact (with dad) at all costs" policy of the Courts! Times of Malta article, Paternity Leave, PA in Divorce Bill, and Cliff Richard's petition.
FNF Newsletter 16th June 2019Sent on 16 June 2019Father's Day and PA, Stereotyping, Unicef
FNF Newsletter 11th June 2019Sent on 11 June 2019Male Psychology Conference and Workshop at UCL. Investigates impact of DV on men. Includes other related topics.
FNF Newsletter 31st May 2019Sent on 31 May 2019Claims of 'contact at all costs' FNF on Victoria Derbyshire, PA acknowledged by WHO and other important new cases
FNF Newsletter 1st May 2019Sent on 01 May 2019Stowe Family Law Blog - 10% that is 38% and Parental Alienation on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour
FNF Newsletter 24th April 2019Sent on 24 April 2019March Against Parental Alienation - PA Awareness Day
FNF Newsletter 16th April 2019Sent on 16 April 2019Parental Alienation News and Petition
FNF Newsletter 12th April 2019Sent on 12 April 2019Government agency (SSAC) call for evidence on social security, child maintenance and separated parents.
FNF Newsletter 29th March 2019Sent on 29 March 2019
FNF Newsletter 6th March 2019Sent on 06 March 2019
FNF Newsletter 8th February 2019Sent on 08 February 2019February Newsletter
Guardian Consultation
CMS Consultation
Swindon Meeting
FNF Newsletter 11th January 2019Sent on 11 January 2019Newsletter detailing a new study being sponsored by FNF
FNF Newsletter 24th DecemberSent on 24 December 2018December 2018 Christmas Newsletter
FNF Newsletter 17th OctoberSent on 17 October 2018Newsletter about our autumn conference and press release on NonMols and more...
FNF Newsletter 25th September 2018Sent on 25 September 2018
FNF Newsletter 6th September 2018Sent on 06 September 2018FNF Newsletter 6th September 2018. Update on FNF meeting with minister responsible for child maintenence, How to split retreat and Media Enquiries
FNF Newsletter 3rd September 2018Sent on 03 September 2018
FNF Newsletter 29th July 2018Sent on 29 July 2018FNF Newsletter 29th July 2018. Brief review of FNF 2018 Conference and announcing "Best way to Split Retreat Weekend" and Indirect Contact Survey.
FNF Newsletter 3rd July 2018Sent on 03 July 2018
2018 Father's Day WishesSent on 17 June 2018Father's Day wishes - 2018
FNF 2018 Conference - Book Now to See the Next PresidentSent on 08 June 2018FNF 2018 Conference - Public Invitation to see the Next President and other speakers on 23rd June 2018
FNF Newsletter 28th May 2018Sent on 28 May 2018Urgent message to all regarding the Government's "consultation" on domestic abuse
FNF Newsletter 17th April 2018Sent on 17 April 2018FNF Newsletter 17th April 2018. Covers Money Box BBC prog, Research into men's experience of female aggression and a chance for service users to input into FNF's strategy
FNF Newsletter - 9th April 2018Sent on 09 April 2018Short Newsletter announcing new Brighton-Worthing Group and some useful CMS advice.
FNF Newsletter 17th December 2017Sent on 17 December 2017Parental Alienation
Enforcement Petition
Child Maintenance Government Consultation
Research Updates
Film/TV/Radio – interviewees sought
In Westminster
A victory for equality on domestic violence
Hints and Tips
Seasonal Wishes
FNF Newsletter 16th September 2017Sent on 16 September 2017Practice Direction 12J. DV allegations research, Caroline Dinenage to investigate Child Benefit service failures and more.
FNF FNF Newsletter 10th August 2017Sent on 10 August 2017News of Parliamentary activity planning, release of Sir James Munby's FNF Conference speech transcript, CAFCASS joins with WA on research and much more.
FNF Newsletter 18th June 2017Sent on 18 June 2017Father's Day Newsletter with a dad's story and a Press Release - Plus more events around the UK
FNF Newsletter 7th May 2017Sent on 07 May 2017Our Election Manifesto for Family Justice, CMS Select Committee fiasco and more
FNF Newsletter 21st April 2017Sent on 22 April 2017Our PA Day Quiz and upcoming Marathon and more...
FNF Newsletter 5th April 2017Sent on 05 April 2017News about parliamentary activity, our recent Conference, upcoming marathon/10k runs and much more
FNF Newsletter 11th March 2017Sent on 11 March 2017
FNF Newsletter 19 Dec 2016Sent on 19 December 2016FNF Newsletter 19th December 2016 CMS inquiry/Caroline Nokes, FJC Conference and more...
FNF Newsletter - 21 Nov 2016Sent on 21 November 2016FNF gives CMS evidence to DWP Select Cttee
FNF Newsletter - 21 Sept 2016Sent on 21 September 2016FNF Newsletter - 21 Sept 2016
FNF Newsletter - 18 July 2016Sent on 18 July 2016
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