FNF Newsletter - 15th July 2022 - Surviving Separation Course and CMS Curfews

FNF Newsletter - 15th July 2022 - Surviving Separation Course and CMS Curfews
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Newsletter 13 August 2022

Hello ,

Welcome to our 2nd July Newsletter. 

This popular course starts again on 16th August. Here are a couple of comments from former participants: 

“I really appreciate the help this course has given me and others Ian. Just got to my hotel in [city] for a work conference but wouldn’t miss our course session for anything.”

“Thank you guys so much, was a great course.
I've already used several things to improve dealing with my ex.

First round's on me!”

Click this link for mor information and to book your place:
Surviving Separation Course August 2022 

In other news, the Department of Work and Pensions are planning to implement curfew orders on parents who do no not pay their child maintenance and are accruing arrears. The whole thing has the feel of a publicity stunt that will needlessly frighten struggling parents whilst failing to make any material difference to children. DWP already have the legislation to do this and are consulting on specific details and their plan to enact those powers. Read our further comments about this and details of where to send your email responses to the three questions being asked.

Details of the consultation can be found in this link:
CMS Curfews Proposed - Consultation 
Deadline - 12th August 2022 11:45pm


With best wishes,

The Team at FNF

15th July 2022

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