FNF Newsletter - 22nd June 2022 - Save the Date - Surveys

FNF Newsletter - 22nd June 2022 - Save the Date - Surveys
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Newsletter 13 August 2022

Hello ,

Welcome to our 1st July Newsletter. 

Save the Date - Saturday 26th November 2022
We will be holding our next conference and Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th November 2022. More details will follow. For now, please save the date - we anticipate this being an all-day event. Key features will include:

  • Speeches and Q&A with the most senior figures in family justice in England and Wales.
  • Discussions on how we can improve the support we give and effectiveness of our branches.
  • A chance for Members to take part in our Annual General Meeting.

Work and Pensions Committee
Call for evidence on Child Poverty and the Child Maintenance Service
Deadline Friday 8th July 2022 at 23:59

Are you paying Child Maintenance & experiencing poverty - perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet with children you live with, compared to those you pay CM for? The Work & Pensions Committee are asking for input.

Click here to participate in this: https://committees.parliament.uk/call-for-evidence/2643/

The call for evidence is asking about how effective the system is, whether it is helping to take children out of poverty, how quickly CMS respond, whether it helps with dispute resolution, interactions between Child Maintenance and Universal Credit, how CMS could best support separated parents, etc.

Let's not forget that CMS also has a role in fuelling conflict that can result in a poverty of child parenting by the 'non-resident' parent.

We will be making a submission and encourage you to do the same, relying on your personal experience.

We know that when our members respond to such surveys, the comments made in reports to ministers DO make a difference, so even though there have been a few such calls for evidence, please persevere and continue to provide Parliament with your experience. We will report further on the outcome of such input in subsequent newsletters.

With best wishes,

The Team at FNF

6th July 2022

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