Families Need Fathers - CLB Event - Coping with Contact Denial and Stress of Litigation

Coping with Contact Denial and Stress of Litigation

This was the theme of the conference event organised by our Central London Branch (CLB) on 7th May this year. We had a great turnout of members and service users, some of whom travelled well over a hundred miles to support the event and have a chance to ask questions and network with other members and experts who gave presentations on the day.

We are delighted to now be able to offer everyone the chance to view the presentations and materials from the day in the video links below.




  1. Introduction by Vincent McGovern (5 minutes) - Chair of CLB

  2. Dr John Barry of the Centre for Male Psychology
    Child contact and family court issues are related to chronic mental health problems for men following family breakdown (42 minutes)
    Dr Barry explains the research, approved by University College London, that he carried out, sponsored by Families Need Fathers with CLB. The research was carried out over 12 months. Nearly half of the time, fathers were shown to have concerning scores, indicating clinical depression, with the highest correlation in relation to child access issues. You can also read the research paper here.

  3. Kim Beatson, Specialist in Family Law at Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP
    Findings of Fact Hearings (24 minutes) - Kim Beatson talks about Scott Schedules used to identify issues to be determined and subsequent Child Arrangements hearings. She clarifies points of law on when Findings of Fact hearings are needed and, importantly, when they are not (Re K and K). Kim talks about the frightening nature of having findings of fact to the lower threshold of proof of family (civil) courts, when the allegations being tested can lead to criminal prosecution. Download her summary note:

  4. Martin Seager - Psychologist
    Alienated Dads - Looking After Your Mental Health (32 minutes) - Martin Seager identifies the support that dads need when experiencing the alienation of their children. He identifies the importance of the first five universal psychological needs of the human condition and then explains the specific issues such as recovering from the loss of a child who is still around and how being alienated violates core "male archetype" masculinity rules. Martin then moves on to making some practical suggestions on remaining positive, getting a team, getting organised and winning strategically. You can also hear the brief interview with Martin after the conference here (4 minutes).

  5. Billy McGranaghan - founder of Dads House
    Dads House focus on practicalities of dads raising children on their own and getting help (7 minutes). He talks from experience of the lack of support available to fathers and what his organisation is doing to help men to overcome the barriers they face.

  6. Summing Up by Paul O'Callaghan (8 minutes) - Chair of Families Need Fathers
    Paul O'Callaghan sums up the day, thanks all presenters and participants and presents a reconition award to Kim Beatson of Anthony Gold solicitors for the help she has given to FNF service users at our Central London Branch.

 Feedback from attendees at this conference was excellent. Here are some interviews with a few delegates after the event (10 minutes).


Thank You to Kim Beatson!

Presentation of thanks to Kim Beatson for many years of support of fathers
at FNF's Central London Branch


14th August 2022

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