Surviving Separation Course August 2022

Surviving Separation is an 8-week online course run on 8 consecutive Tuesday nights, starting on 16th August 2022, from 6:30pm to 9pm tutored by FNF members. It provides a broad examination of the problems and solutions facing separated parents who are denied parenting opportunities with their children. 

If you are just starting out, in the middle of the confusing process od separation, or experiencing the aftermath then you need this course to help you through the most difficult problems. Surviving Separation is an 8 week course of on-line presentations, discussions, homework, guides, advice and support developed by Families Need Fathers – Both Parents Matter from the experience of our members, helpline and branch meetings.
What we Cover

Session 1. Introductions; The start of our journey; Parent Sharing; Course content; The Mediation process; making the best of mediation.

Session 2. The cycle of Life; Emotional Development; Helping your child in the early stages; Parenting Opportunities (legal description, parent centres, special time, supervised and unsupervised parenting time); Communication with your ex 1; Homework.

Session 3. The effects of separation on your kids; Looking at it from her angle; Children’s rights; What not to say – Communication 2; How to talk so people listen; Dealing with the unexpected loss of your children; dealing with Police, Social Workers, Dr’s and teachers: Homework.

Session 4. The Court Process; Parents at Play; Parent Sharing; Homework.

Session 5. Why relationships fail; Arguments for giving up; Children without both their parents; building new relationships; Homework.

Session 6. Dealing with the unexpected loss of your children; Domestic Abuse; The nature of partner abuse; Have you been in an abusive relationship; Abuse in the Family Court; Dealing with false allegations.

Session 7. Building Resilience in your children; Dealing with alienating behaviours; Living in two homes; Interpreting Section 7 Reports.

Session 8. Managing conflict with your ex; Changing the driver; Certificate presentation.

In addition, there is ample time for discussion, advice, and support.

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