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35th Anniversary Tea Party

35th Anniversary Tea Party

FNF held its 35th Anniversary party at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 21st October. A roaring success, FNFers, Members of Parliament and key players in the family arena gathered to hear speeches by Rt. Hon David Blunkett MP, Rt. Hon David Lammy MP, Jenni Pascoe and Chairman Charles Kenyon. Nigel Planer conducted proceedings and David Blunkett showed his strong support by remarking that "Families Need Fathers is critical to giving children the complete parenting that they deserve." Powerful words were spoken by Jenni Pascoe who recounted her painful experience of not being allowed a relationship with her father and how she has suffered as a consequence.

Other MPs in attendance were Susan Kramer MP, Andrew Selous MP, Henry Bellingham MP, Annette Brooke MP, Andrew George MP, Gerald Howarth MP, John Hemming MP, Alison Seabeck MP, Kate Hoey MP, Andrew Pelling MP and Alex Burghart from the Office of Tim Loughton. The tea party proved an exciting platform for discussing FNF’s achievements, goals for a future where families will have their fathers and not need our help, and the invaluable contribution made by volunteers. Charles Kenyon made it clear that there is still much work to be done: "it is with pride and sadness that we mark our 35th Anniversary. Pride at the families that we have helped, at the thousands of children who have had a relationship with their dads, grandparents, mums, aunts, uncles, cousins because of the support that we have provided, pride of the many, many volunteers that have made this possible, but sadness that we are still necessary today."

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If you missed the party you can watch the speeches on our YouTube channel here.


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