This page is being set up to carry the many testimonials we receive from people we have helped over the years.

Although some aspects of the shared parenting responsibilities of both fathers and mothers are increasingly being recognised, it is still the sad reality that so many people learn only too late that the Family Justice system does not always deliver good outcomes in the more conflicted cases.  Whilst it can be hard to counter the effects of anger and vindictiveness in separation cases, that is no excuse for the costly and often ineffective and unfair (to children) outcomes delivered to children of separating parents by the family justice system.

We do our best to on the one hand highlight the obstacles in the road ahead as well as encouraging and assisting the state in improving the social performance of the family court and the agencies which support it.  We hope that one day everyone will feel that the only decent thing to do for the children after divorce or separation is to allow them to continue to enjoy - yes actually enjoy - the benefits of having two parents.  To lose two parents is a tragedy - to lose one can be a nightmare.

If you have received help or guidance from FNF - whether via the Helpline, the Forum, our branches or this website - or even all of the above - we'd love to hear from you. Tell us how to improve our services or - if you liked them, tell us why and we may print them below.

Hello FNF, I just wanted to say thank you for your support during a very difficult time these past 10 years. I have read many articles and the information on PAS has been spot on. My daughter stopped talking to me approx a year after my divorce at the age of 9. I did not see or hear from her for almost 9 years. I am pleased to say just before her 18th birthday last November I was asked to help out by her mother as our daughter was in a bad way-a first I might add.. We have got a long way to go but she lives with me now and we are slowly working through our issues. Thank you all for the fine work you do. I always mention you when I see other loving fathers in despair. I wish every father the strength to never give up. I didn't and it nearly killed me but I am now on a healthy happier path. With my daughter by my side. Keep strong brothers.

JP - September 2016



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