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There are many ways that you can participate in FNF activities. In fact, one of the greatest things that FNF can offer you in addition to support is the sense of actively doing something to improve the situation for you and your children.

FNF's best resource are its members and volunteers and the joint experience and support that individuals get from each other. Your experiences could help others too.

You can simply choose to join and become a member - or you can apply to be a volunteer to learn more and help others.  You can also donate to FNF of course if you wish.

Membership is open to anyone who needs help and support over separation and access to their children as well as those who have an interest in the work of Families Need Fathers. Our members include fathers, mothers, resident and non-resident parents, grandparents, new partners and friends as well as supporters of our cause.

There are many advantages to becoming a member including access to additional areas and useful publications on this website as well as our Forum where members can communicate and ask questions free of charge to participating lawyers as well as other volunteers. We will also keep you updated with the latest developments in the field.

FNF is a charity committed to proving reliable help and support; available at Local Branch Meetings, on the Helpline and via the main areas of the website. The Forum is also an excellent source of advice from lawyers, McKenzie Friends and other contributors like yourself who have travelled down this often very difficult and painful road.  In order to fund the help that we provide we positively encourage you to join. The small membership fee that we ask for is the only way to ensure the charity's future.

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