Organising a Collection

1. Decide where and when you want to hold your collection. If you know someone who’s held a collection in the area before, ask them for their advice on the best locations.

2. Obtain permission.

  • If you want to hold a street collection you will need to contact your Local Authority to obtain a permit. Permits are free and, due to high demand, it is recommended that you make contact at least 6 weeks in advance and sooner, if possible.
  • If you want to collect at a London underground station you will need to approach the Charity Co-ordinator at the London Underground Service Centre. Requests must be written on the charity’s headed paper and include your contact details. Our fundraising team will be pleased to help with the letter and may be contacted by email at
  • When applying for more than one station, or to collect throughout the year, you must submit a list of chosen stations and dates specifying whether the collection will take place in the morning or afternoon. The Charity Co-ordinator will then send you a letter of authorisation to collect at the chosen station(s) on the chosen date(s). The Station Supervisor will be notified in advance of your arrival and collections may only take place in the ticket hall area. Once the collection has been completed, a record must be made of the amount collected and this information must be returned to the Charity Co-ordinator at: LUS Charity Co-ordinator, Customer Service Centre, 55 Broadway, London SW1H 0BD.
  • If you want to collect at your local Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield or Asda store, you will need to approach them directly. Those wishing to collect at Tesco Superstores and Extra stores should contact: Tesco Charity Co-ordinator, Tel: 020 7071 2111. People wishing to collect at Tesco Metros and high-street stores should contact their local Store Manager to book a collection. Tesco does not book collections outside its Express stores.

3. Make sure you and your fellow fundraisers know enough about the work of FNF. Although many people will simply be interested in which organisation you are raising money for, some will want to know more about our work and how their money will help.

4. Although people of any age can help at the event, you must be over 16 to hold a collection tin. Fundraisers are also required to stand in one place and cannot actively solicit money (i.e. rattle their tins or ask for donations), although they can of course talk to people about FNF and the plight of separated families.

Please feel free to contact the fundraising team (by emailing for support. We can supply you with collection tins, posters, leaflets and T-shirts so that you look the part on the day.

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