Legal References

The links below will take you to websites full of information and guidance about family law.

There are many other sources of free information relating to family law, which cannot all be detailed here, but for a start you could look at the following:

  • UK Statute Law Database which will give you the text of relevant statutes as amended / updated by subsequent legislation and statutory instruments. In order to locate any statute you will need to have a good idea of its name and year.
  • Family Law Newswatch is a free service from the publishers of the monthly Family Lawjournal which it says gives, "... the latest news, cases and legislation plus abstracts of key articles and commentary ... ." You can also sign up to receive free email alerts of "latest news, cases and legislation."
  • FamilyLawWiki is a free Wiki put together independently by several FNF members containing a range of information on family law issues. It's a work in progress and if you would like to contribute please contact the the Wiki owner who will be pleased to help.

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