Victims’ Survey 2021 - Deadline Monday 5th July

Have you been a victim of or reported a crime in the past three years? Please complete the survey and tell the Victims' Commissioner about your experience.

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The Victims' Commissioner for England and Wales is seeking feedback from anyone who has been the victim or reported a crime in the last three years. It will take 15 minutes to complete the survey. The deadline is Monday 5th July.


They are keen to hear from everyone who wants to complete this survey, including parents or carers of children who have been a victim. They will use your feedback to help chamption support future victims receive and justice outcomes.


The questionnaire, consists of a series of short questions about victims’ experience of every stage of the criminal justice process from the initial incident, through the police investigation to any subsequent court hearing. Results of the survey will feed into a report charting the victim experience of the criminal justice system and victims’ services in 2020.


By doing this you will ensure a better balance of views, particularly the voices of non-resident, separated parents/dads, who will have disproportionately experienced particular types of crimes and treatment. Why you did not report incidents, domestic abuse, malicious communications, harassment, assault, coercive and controlling behaviour, false allegations, abuse of their children, etc? Or if you did report, how difficult was it? Were you supported? Was your report investigated by the police, dealt with by the CPS or go to court? If you then went to family court, was the issue raised? What happened? What was your experience?


We know you can make a difference. Your comments in response to the recent survey on Child Maintenance by Lord Farmer resulted in a better debate in the House of Lords with more responses from dads than mums. Let's make a difference again. Make sure your voice is heard!


You can access the survey here

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