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We are Delighted to Welcome Erin Pizzey as our Patron

We are Delighted to Welcome Erin Pizzey as our Patron

Erin Pizzey founded Women’s Aid when she opened the first refuge for battered women and children in the world in 1971. Life became more difficult for her when she decided to help male victims too.

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Erin established the first refuge for battered women in the world in 1971, but was soon to have a bitter fight on her hands. This was not only with militant feminists – outraged by her discovery that women were often as capable of violence as men – but by councils, social services and courts, which tried to get the over-crowded shelter shut down.

Erin’s deep experiences give her unparalleled insights into the issues around domestic abuse, its non-gendered nature, and the motivations of those who fail to see the issues around parental alienation and false allegations – topics she covers as an author of a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

It's a great honour for us at FNF to welcome Erin Pizzey as our new Patron. This is an immensely positive moment for us and her addition will only bring more support to our worthy cause.

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FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

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