Parenting Plans

Parenting plans aim to help separated parents work out the best possible arrangements for their children and to try and ensure that these plans are clear, consistent and reliable.

Parents can use parenting plans to guide them through this difficult process. They can also be useful as a basis for discussion during mediation.

Below are some links to our favourite plans:

  • Splitting up? Put Kids First by One Plus One
    This service helps separated parents create parenting plans from templates or from scratch, and helps them work together to reach an agreement. They also provide short videos and suggestions to facilitate better communication and negotiation.
  • Parenting Agreement for Scotland
  • Putting your children first (Cafcass and DCSF guide)
  • Sorting Out Separation
    Developed by the Help and Support for Separated Families network, this app can help you find information and resources to help separated parents work together to make arrangements in their child's best interests. Covering topics including parenting apart, housing, money and employment, it can be used by parents, grandparents, friends and the wider family to find information and support for themselves or others going through separation.

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