Author: Graham Fletcher

Eyes Wide Open is a book for parents about to go through or caught up in divorce finance, childcare arrangements, non-molestation and occupation order disputes in Family courts in England and Wales. A self-empowerment guide to understanding how family courts work and how you can present your own case without a solicitor.

With over 130 online client reviews as Mckenzie friend, Graham decided to write a book that explained all the key factors to be aware of that helped his McKenzie friend clients to successful outcomes.

The book will help you understand the use of legalese language and the key people of influence. Graham shares his observation of how he has seen family court work in principle and offers a simple 3 step "Eyes Wide Open" approach. Step 1 - Be aware of your emotions, who can influence them and how they can affect your mindset and actions. Step 2- Be informed about how family courts work in principle so you can look at your situation clearly. Step 3 - Be aware of 10 “spot the difference” moments in family court that could help you achieve a positive outcome. Instead of comparing near-identical images you will analyse the importance of words and emotions.

The book focusses on helping readers understand the many dynamics, criteria and processes that can lead to a positive outcome in Family Courts.

ParentalAlienationDSM 5 ICD 11William Bernet, M.D.

The authors of this book believe that parental alienation is not simply a minor aberration in the life of a family, but a serious mental condition. Because of the false belief that the alienated parent is a dangerous or unworthy person, the child loses one of the most important relationships in his or her life. This book contains much information about the validity, reliability, and prevalence of parental alienation.It also includes a comprehensive international bibliography regarding parental alienation with more than 600 citations. In order to bring life to the definitions and the technical writing, several short clinical vignettes have been included. These vignettes are based on actual families and real events, but have been modified to protect the privacy of both the parents and children.

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Dr Mary Welstead

This is a brilliantly written, well-indexed, concise book (114 pp).  It covers practical, emotional and financial points, including a chapter on the children’s best interests. The ‘useful organisations’ list at the back is comprehensive.

It is essential introductory reading for people who are facing the breakdown of marriage, cohabitation or civil partnerships.

Divorce and Separation: a legal guide for all couples

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Linda Jones

Faced with the reality that you are going to split with your partner, the last thing you need is the added worry of what to say to your children or how to answer their questions. This book is here to help. Its easy-to-read style covers the practical, emotional and physical impact of a separation, from breaking the news and organising living arrangements to dating and step-families. It pulls together a wealth of experiences and anecdotes from adults and children, as well as experts, counsellors and lawyers who can offer crucial advice. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, carer or teacher, this book will help you reduce and manage the pain and stress for children when a relationship ends. Forget the guilt trip. All any parent wants for their children is the best and that includes those parents who decide to go their separate ways.

Divorce and Separation - The Essential Guide

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Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a member and Special Adviser to Mothers Apart From Their Children (MATCH) - FNF's sister organisation. 

A Mother Apart: How to Let Go of Guilt and Find Happiness Living Apart from Your Child

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Celia Conrad

Part 1 (about one third of the book) deals with ‘Family Matters’ – e.g. the importance of fathers, dealing with your ex and so on.  The remainder of the book is devoted to the law and court applications. The author was formerly a practising family law solicitor and she covers this thoroughly and accurately (unlike some books), packing in a great deal of information.  There are many ordinary books covering this area – this one is worthwhile.

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Fathers Matter: A Guide to Contact on Separation and Divorce

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Ben's Story - Ben is frightened when his parents separate. How where and when can he see Dad again? This delightful and sensitive book is aimed at children who will be using a Contact Centre to see a family member, covering practical aspects of visiting a Centre and the feelings children may experience.
Lily's Story - Lily is very young when her Daddy suddenly disappears. Her behaviour deteriorates as she searches everywhere but cannot find him.This book can be used by fathers and mothers with their children, not only to explain about Child Contact Centres, but also as a starting point for talking together about the feelings that children have when parents separate.
The books can be ordered from the NACCC (National Association of Child Contact Centres) via this link.

Dr Richard Warshak

The best book we’ve found which addresses parental alienation.  Don’t be put off by the American title, this is the required handbook for separating parents, far superior to the UK Ludwig Lowenstein book ‘Parental Alienation’.  Worthwhile reading for all separated parents with practical advice.  It will enable you to identify the warning signs and also to avoid inadvertently adopting some of the alienating behaviour yourself.  Your child needs you to read this book.

Divorce Poison

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FNF's guide to shared parenting

by Sue Secker

After family breakdown, reaching agreement about children can be difficult. It seems far more common for children to live with one parent, usually the mother, and some fathers subsequently face an unequal struggle to remain part of their children's lives.

This practical guide is based on the experiences of FNF members and their families. It will be of interest to anyone wanting to ensure children get the best of both parents' worlds after family breakdown. It provides invaluable information about the real issues that have to be faced, such as dealing sensitively with your ex-partner, coping with the various agencies who may become involved and getting to grips with the legal system and the courts.

Don't ever give up hope.


Delivery free to members - contact FNF for availability.

by District Judge John Mitchell

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Access the knowledge to instruct your solicitor or conduct your own case.
This book, written for family lawyers, combines a thorough analysis of the law with a clear explanation of procedure from initial application to final hearing.
Recommended by FNF for Litigants in Person.

Children Act Private Law Proceedings: A Handbook

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P. Pressdee, J. Vater, F. Judd QC and J. Baker QC

Compulsary reading for all those interested in family law and policy

Contact: The New Deal

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David Bedingfield

David Bedingfield explores the skills and rules of good advocacy and applies them to the range of family proceedings: ancillary relief claims; private and public law Children Act cases; injunction applications; abduction and adoption cases; and appeal hearings. This practical text is enlivened by numerous examples and incorporates the collective wisdom of dozens of family law judges, and leading barristers and solicitors, interviewed in the course of the research.

Advocacy In Family Proceedings

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