McKenzie Friends Listing

FNF provides a list of people who approach us wishing to offer services to our members.  You may also meet McKenzie Friends (MFs) on our forums or at your local branch meeting. Please be aware that FNF does not warrant or accept liability for the quality of information they offer nor for the work they may carry out, and we cannot consider complaints about information given by MFs in relation to court proceedings as the law does not allow this. We do, however, ask and require advertising McKenzie Friends to agree to the FNF Guidance for McKenzie Friends and Lay Advisors document (see MF Guidance link below) which relates to their conduct as members and volunteers of FNF, and we will consider complaints in relation to specific breaches of this MF Guidance. A McKenzie Friend's access to the Forum, branch meetings and membership is subject to compliance with the MF Guidance as well as with FNF membership rules. 

Currently listed and prospective MFs as well as those considering using an MF are strongly recommended to read the MF Guidance (see link below) which outlines what may be expected of MFs.


At all times the litigant in person must accept responsibility for running their case, and for covering all aspects of it. MFs are not necessarily legally qualified (usually they are not) and the things said by the McKenzie Friend are only to be considered as suggestions. The litigant must assess for themselves its value and applicability to their case. The litigant should before accepting the services of a McKenzie Friend explore with them their knowledge, experience and approach and enquire as to whether they require reimbursement for costs (travel etc). The Litigant must accept responsibility for all decisions

There are two types of McKenzie Friends: Volunteers and those who charge for their services. Volunteer MFs will McKenzie for free but we strongly encourage you to pay for any expenses they incur whilst helping you, such as travel, meals, printing costs and so forth. They can be contacted via the FNF Branches. We do not list them here.

Below is a list of MFs who offer their services for a fee, often described as Commercial McKenzies. We cannot recommend individuals. It will be up to you to make a judgement on them and to find out how much their fees are likely to be. Families Need Fathers has no control over their work but we welcome feedback, good or bad.

McKenzie Friends who are listed by FNF, are required to be committed to Shared Parenting as laid out in Families Need Fathers' Charter. 

In particular, Paras 1 to 6 of the FNF Charter are expected to be considered by McKenzie Friends listed by FNF at all times and they will not assist a parent or other in a case or actions that oppose the principles laid out in the FNF Charter (and in the FNF Guidance) as follows:


1.      No child shall be denied a full and proper relationship with his or her parents unless it has been proved that such a relationship presents a risk to the child. Any attempt to deny or obstruct this relationship should be regarded as unacceptable.

2.      There should be a presumption of shared parenting and this should be the starting point when parents separate.

3.      Children must feel that they have two properly involved parents, with free access to both.

4.      The importance of grandparents and the wider family must be recognised and addressed.

5.      Children should spend enough time with both parents to be able to negate any attempts at ‘parental alienation’.

6.      Preventing a child having a relationship with both parents by breaching a court order is unacceptable and the law should treat such breaches promptly and severely.


McKenzie Friend Guidance Update

We have recently (January 2015) updated the best practice guidance for McKenzie Friends ( and lay legal advisers) who wish to list their services on our website. This can be downloaded on the link below.

The updated document follow updates to the Family Court’s own guidance, changes to legislation and the loss of legal aid for many entering the family court. It is more comprehensive than previous editions, to reflect the growing importance and use of McKenzie Friends within the family justice system. 

Families Need Fathers does not provide or oversee McKenzie Friends, and this guidance is intended as ‘best practice’ rather than a set of standards that can be enforced. As well as outlining to McKenzie Friends some of the standards and knowledge we would expect of those working with our members and other parents within the family justice system, we hope this document can assist litigants in deciding whether an individual has the necessary skills and experience to assist in their cases. You should be wary of involving anyone closely in your case that is not familiar with the practice and procedures outlined in this document.

New applicants wishing to advertise via the FNF website will be asked to follow this updated guidance, and it will be forwarded to those McKenzie Friends who currently advertise with us. 

FNF welcomes new MFs  who abide by our guidance rules and we reserve the right to accept or reject any applicant's listing at any time. 


Contact Details

Spt in court


Case mgt


Signed up to FNF Charter

Geo areas

0800 043 2025
* * * * Yes London
Jeff Botterill
0800 140 4648
* * * * Yes England Wales
Colin Brealey 01283 214243 / 07962 367 651

* * * * Yes England Wales
Daniel Brooks * * * * Yes England Wales
John Denbigh
07747 001 726
* Yes  London and South East England 
David Dunne
07792 185 789 / 020 8422 0139
*      Yes  England Wales
Sean Faulkner
0785 901 8383
* * * * * England Wales
Helen Galley
07961 798 735
* * * * Yes South East +
Home Counties
Mark Gill
07515 749 750
* * * * Yes London
South East
Chris Glover
07792 623 576
* * * * Yes Anywhere, but based in the North East
John Humphries
* * * * Yes England Wales
James Jonklaas
020 8871 0823 / 07917 617 216
* * * * Yes London
Home Counties
John Junk
07814 422231
* * * * Yes Northern Irl.
England Wales
Mark Lindsay
07766 346200
* * * * Yes England Wales
based in
West Sussex
Deborah Nelson
07956 591 000
* * * * Yes England Wales
Rebecca Parker
07916 287581
* * * * Yes England Wales
Alex Plumbley
07813 366 920 / 01462 410 041
* * * * Yes England Wales
Peter Pojuner
01395 270 665 / 07887 543 569
* * * * Yes England Wales
Noel Robinson
0208 8898648 / 07507 111 368
* * * *  Yes England Wales
Gavin Russell  

07508 618797

*        Yes County Durham
Anette Schwid-
0759 5549478
* * * * Yes England Wales
Michaela Wade
07415 474503
 *  *  *  *  Yes England Wales
Steven Wade
07957 279219
 *  *  *  *  Yes    England Wales
John White
07956 699 962
* * * * Yes England Wales
Kent Sussex
Surrey London

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