Male Psychology Conference and Workshops at UCL


Paid-up Members of FNF are being offered a 20% discount on attendance of a conference on men's wellbeing in the family that takes place at University College London.

 ​Male Psychology Conference and Workshops

Men's Well-being in the Family

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June 2019

How does domestic violence impact men's wellbeing? How does it impact the children who see their parents fighting? These are some of the questions addressed at the Male Psychology Conference at University College London on Friday 21st and Sat 22nd June. Much of the content of the first day is about how family structure and dynamics influence the mental health of men and boys, and includes a study sponsored by FNF on the impact of family court issues on men's mental health. The second day includes a workshop on stopping domestic violence, and how an award-winning helpline was designed for men who experience domestic violence.


Details of day 1 are here

Details of day 2 are here

Details of the workshops (days 1 and 2) are here

You don't have to be a psychologist to get a lot out of the presentations and workshops. For FNF members there is a 20% discount on admission. You can go for both days or either day.

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Concessions are for unemployed, students or retired people.

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