Daisy Through the Looking Glass - 'must see' family separation play by HHJ Stephen Wildblood

Daisy through the looking glass is an important short play by HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC, a family court judge, that we suggest anyone involved in family separation takes the time (35 minutes) to watch.

We have prepared guidance notes with learning points from the play that we hope will be of assistance to separating parents and of interest to professionals.

Actors performed Daisy through the looking glass on Zoom during the coronavirus lockdown and the play is now published on YouTube.

The play is a cautionary tale of how a family separation can go wrong with disastrous consequences for all. ‘This is awful’ may be an initial response as the play makes for uncomfortable viewing at times. Do persevere, as there are rich learning points in it for anyone separating, their family and friends. For those who have not experienced the inadequacies of the British family justice system first-hand, the play may appear far-fetched with unbelievable outcomes. For those involved with it regularly, we see far worse and we know that the experience of Daisy and her family is all too common. 

FNF Guidance based on Daisy Through the Looking Glass

Our guidance notes offer learning points and suggestions to avoid the shocking outcomes that Daisy and her parents experienced. If you have any further suggestions for how we might improve this guidance or wish to share your story with us, please send it to admin@fnf.org.uk with 'Daisy' in the subject heading. 

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