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Friday, 25 January 2019 22:00

Wayne Martin

Wayne became a trustee at the AGM on 16th November 2014. He was proposed by Jenny Cuttriss, Chair of FNF Northampton, and seconded by James Cooper, Secretary of FNF Leicester.

Wayne served for 13 years in the Household Calvary, followed by 21 years in the Police service. He finished his time in the Army having risen to senior NCO instructor level, and completed several tours of duty in Northern Ireland. As a Police officer his ambition was always to serve the public. He remained a uniformed front line immediate response officer. Wayne was trained as an advanced driver, firearms officer and tutor constable. He is now semi-retired, and devotes his time between his daughter who has ambitions to become a vet, FNF commitments and part time work to pay for the upkeep of his horse.

Wayne joined FNF around 2000/1 following separation from his wife and the start of long extended proceedings in the Family Courts up to High Court level . He has experienced the same problems as the majority of FNF members, having acted as an LIP (Litigant in person), used Mckenzie friends, solicitors and barrister when funds allowed.

Wayne always wanted to give something back to FNF for all the help, advice, support, kind words of sympathy and the odd shoulder to lean/cry on of far too many good people to mention.

With his background in Criminal Police work, Wayne soon became aware of the gaps in the Family Courts and Cafcass’s ability to identify and correctly report domestic emotional abuse that is caused when one parent denies the other access to their children.

Wayne has worked behind the scenes for many years in conjunction with National Office on projects. Over the last two years one FNF project he is leading is trying to get CAFCASS to accurately report denial of court ordered contact as domestic abuse. He represents FNF on his local family justice board. Five years ago Wayne set up FNF Leicester. The Branch is a great success with over 250 people attending each of the last 4 years. He works closely with FNF Northampton and FNF Burton pooling resources and experience to give members the best possible help.

Wayne would like to see FNF’s profile raised in the public domain. He hopes that the work FNF does, including individuals, branches/groups, and the charity, will bring about the speedy significant changes needed within the Family Courts so all children wherever possible get to spend significant time, mid-week, weekends, holidays with both parents.

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