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Friday, 25 January 2019 21:09

Jerry Karlin (Chair and Managing Trustee)

Jerry Karlin first joined FNF in 2001 when he was close to separation from his wife. He subsequently came on board as a volunteer to work on the Helpline and became increasingly involved with the IT of the helpline and gradually many other areas of FNF as well. In 2012 Jerry was invited to become a Trustee and he was elected Chair and Managing Trustee at the AGM in March 2013. Jerry has been and is still involved in several other charities in Yorkshire where he lives.

Jerry has two children, now at university, with whom he has recently been fortunate enough to regain a relationship after a gap of well over five years. He was married for nine years and has been divorced since 2002 during which time he has been in court well over 40 times (with and without legal representation) over contact and financial issues.

Jerry Karlin has worked in IT since 1979. Initially working for an IT systems house, he left to form a start-up after inventing the RAM-disk. For seven years Jerry gained useful experience running this small organisation and co-managed and developed further related products whilst also carrying out IT consultancy and design. In 2001, after his separation from his wife and children, he joined one of his clients, an innovative investment company (GAM), where he worked as a full-time employee for seven years as Marketing Technology Manager. After 2008, Jerry returned to freelance work in IT development and project management. Concentrating on primarily the finance and investment sectors, he also has experience in media and marketing in general through projects at the Press Association, Xerox, Teletext Holidays and many others.

Born in London, Jerry grew up in the UK, Switzerland and Israel, before settling in Kent until after his divorce, when he moved to York following the unexpected relocation of his children.

Jerry studied physics at Imperial College London and Essex University, moving from physics to computer engineering (computer science with electronics) at Essex. In addition to considerable experience in IT system and software design and practice over the years, Jerry has a strong interest in enterprise and management. He also completed a short course in counselling and a one-year course in hypnotherapy. Other pursuits include various NLP courses, notably with Richard Bandler, Michael Breen and Paul McKenna and most recently with Dr Henrie Lidiard. Since working with FNF, Jerry has had helpline training and has also attended a course on Parental Alienation with an expert in this field, Karen Woodall.

Jerry’s other interests include technology, philosophy, psychology, conflict resolution, energy, religion, community and generally trying to understand why the so-called modern world still needs so much improvement. Also of interest are photography, films, music, food, the internet and the other usual suspects.

Jerry, like all of FNF’s numerous volunteers is working to drive FNF forwards under now very difficult financial conditions to continue to support separating parents and through them their children. His objective is also to promote change in family law and the related services, emphasising the need for more sensitive dispute resolution rather than the “popular” obscenely overpriced and hopefully moribund adversarial approach. Jerry remains appalled and saddened by the alarmingly poor outcomes increasingly coming to light in a surprisingly and shockingly large number of cases. There is much to be done and we need your help!

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