Before Parliament was dissolved, Families Need Fathers was a key member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Family Separation, a grouping we hope will be reregistered in the new Parliament.

The group carried out an in-depth analysis of the problems, and indeed the causes the problems, of the family court system, studied lessons to be learnt from here and abroad and, most importantly, proposed reforms for any new or continuing government to adopt.

The APPG has published its report  “Better outcomes for the children of separating parents” – It is an excellent and wide-ranging report which we encourage you to read and, in the case of the government after 4th July, to take on board and act upon.

The proposed reforms can be summarised as:

  • The appointment of a minister responsible for the welfare and safety of children of separating parents
  • The commissioning of proper reliable research evidence as the basis of public policy
  • Funding, intervention, information and support to promote more out of court, earlier, sustainable child-parenting arrangements following separation
  • Subject to the usual caveats concerning cases with serious allegations, safe, regular parenting time with both parents to be maintained as standard until a long-term, sustainable parenting agreement is reached
  • Improved evidence-based training, practice and research for practitioners within the family court system
  • A rebuttable presumption that shared parenting is in the best interest of the child with proper parenting time with both parents and both sides of the family
  • Better, more speedy dealing of accusations of abuse
  • Reducing of the incentives to go to court
  • Reform of the family justice system to reduce delays, to have “one family-one judge” and to improve enforcement

Please send any comments you may have on the report to

Denying Contact Unjustifiably Is Domestic Abuse