You and Yours on CMS rescheduled most likely to next Thursday - not enough case studies

We have been informed that CMS will not be on the program on 7th May 2020 and may be restored to the following Thursday. The show requires more case studies, so please keep them coming.

You and Yours contacted us saying they haven't managed to collect enough relevant case studies to cover Child Maintenance as a topic for today's show. We understand they may be broadcasting the show next Thursday 14th May. Thank you to those who have already sent them their stories. Please send them your experiences, especially if your situation eveloved under Covid-19 by the end of the week (or over the weekend at the latest) to State if you wish to remain anonymous as your message may be read out on air or published electronically. They may wish to contact you directly too.

We don't know what line they will take and we hope that their presentation of the issue is balanced. However, this is another opportunity to raise awareness of the current issues concerning Child Maintenance and get your concerns heard by policy-makers. If you have lost your jobs or are getting paid less and are not able to afford what you previously paid towards your children care, your voice is important.

Check out our latest guidance on Universal Credit and Child Maintenance and if you have a Covid-19 related story that you'd be willing for us to use your anonymous case studies, please cc as well as submitting to You and Yours.

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