Meet Our Trustees

  • Jerry Karlin (Chair and Managing Trustee)

    Jerry Karlin first joined FNF in 2001 when he was close to separation from his wife. He subsequently came on board as a volunteer to work on the Helpline and became increasingly involved with the IT of the helpline and gradually many other areas of FNF as well. In 2012 Read More
  • Michael Lewkowicz (Company Secretary)

    Michael has 25 years of commercial experience and a further decade in the charity sector. He has been a management consultant, an executive at Tesco and held a number of managerial positions at B&Q’s head office, including in Merchandising, New Format Development and Buying when he had direct responsibility for Read More
  • Alexandra Lessing

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  • Alison Bushell

    Alison is an Independent Social Worker Consultant and Expert Witness. Alison undertook a masters course in social work and has been a social worker for nearly 30 years. She has qualifications in counselling and therapy as well as being a qualified paralegal. Alison has also been a Children’s Guardian. Through Read More
  • Andrew Crumpton

    Andrew Crumpton has been a trustee of Families Need Fathers for over a decade and has had several roles during that time including acting CEO, Vice Chair for many years and even a brief spell as Chair and managing trustee. He joined the board when he was asked by the Read More
  • Greg Downing (Vice Chair)

    Greg Downing became a member of FNF a number of years ago and received amazing support from the Northampton branch. He wanted to give back to FNF and make a difference to peoples lives through support and improving the family justice system. He has started an FNF group as well Read More
  • Ian Findlay

    Ian joined FNF in 2012 following his retirement. His interest in issues relating to fathers started when he became a parenting adviser for Tower Hamlets Education Authority in 2001. Ian ran parenting courses , and was concerned that fathers were usually overlooked. Ian currently edits the Branch Newsletter which is circulated Read More
  • Lee Grice

    Lee joined Families Need Fathers in 2009 and attended branch meetings to try to ensure that his daughter was able to have a full relationship with her paternal family. In 2010 because of the valuable support received at the branch meetings Lee began volunteering for FNF as an Outreach Volunteer Read More
  • Mairead McKeever

    Mairead McKeever is an Accredited Family Mediation Professional (recently retired). Between 2006 and 2018 she was Practice Director of a large legal aid family mediation service with six offices north of London. During these years, the service dealt with 15,000 clients and participated in an in-court mediation project. Mairead sat Read More
  • Phil Markham (Treasurer)

    Phil has two boys aged 5 and 9 lives in London, and is separated from his wife. He has been a trustee (Treasurer position) since September 2012 when he volunteered to help with the charity’s finances. His first task was to review the financial statements and take a look through Read More
  • Robert Cheyne

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  • Wayne Martin

    Wayne became a trustee at the AGM on 16th November 2014. He was proposed by Jenny Cuttriss, Chair of FNF Northampton, and seconded by James Cooper, Secretary of FNF Leicester. Wayne served for 13 years in the Household Calvary, followed by 21 years in the Police service. He finished his Read More
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