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The following is extracted from the FNF Articles of Association:


The Charity's objects ('the Objects') are:

  1. For the relief of parents and their children and other close family members suffering from the consequences of divorce or separation by providing advice, assistance and other support and, in so doing, helping parents stay in touch with their children after divorce or separation;

  2. To further the emotional development of children whose parents have divorced or separated by encouraging shared parenting arrangements which enable such children to have continuing and meaningful relationships with both their parents;

  3. To conduct study and research into problems concerned with children who are deprived of the presence of a parent in their families, and into the problems concerned with establishing good relations between parents living apart from their children, and to publish the useful results of all such study and research in order to encourage appropriate changes in professional and public opinion;

  4. To relieve poor parents by helping to obtain and promoting the provision of free legal advice, assistance and other free legal services which such persons would be unable to obtain by reason of their lack of means.

Formally adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 21 March 1999

Full Memorandum and Articles of Association

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This section outlines how the charity is governed and the rules by which we are managed (including the conduct of AGMs, Trustee elections, and other official business). It also includes our Code of Conduct, which all FNF Trustees, staff, volunteers and members are expected to follow.

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