Emlyn Jones (Vice Chair)

Emlyn was persuaded to stand as an FNF trustee for two main reasons. He has a deep sympathy for parents, who have been deprived of having contact with their children through no major fault of their own, and believes that FNF can do a lot more as regards promoting the charity and want to be involved in the decision making process.

He has been involved with the charity since his own issues with his son in 2001. Having set up an FNF branch in Merseyside, his operation of an office in the area indirectly led to the Government granting funds for a Northern Office to FNF.

He was employed as the Regional Co-Ordinator in the North and help set up FNF Scotland (now "Shared Parenting Scotland"), which has gone from strength to strength.

His time is given now to hundreds of parents seeking guidance as he has earned a reputation as one of the countries leading McKenzie Friends. Cases such as Re DV [facts] have established legal precedent. He has met and discussed law with the previous three Presidents of the Family Division.

When Michael Robinson authored a report into problems with Family Law, he insisted that Emlyn should present that to Sir James Munby.

Emlyn also chaired the meeting his predecessor had at FNF AGM.

When senior judges and politicians meet with him, they are aware he knows what he is talking about.

His passion for fairness has led to issues between himself and the charity over the years, but that is all past history now. He is looking forward with positivity, realising that there is so much more FNF can do to heighten the profile of the charity.

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