Sergio Martinez

Since becoming a father and successfully navigating the Family Law courts with support from Families Need Fathers, I have become increasingly involved in FNF.  Becoming a father changed my life perspective and shifted my attention to parenting related issues. My experience with the Family Law court, in regard to our child’s welfare, intensified, exponentially, the effort I put into my commitment of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

In 2019 I graduated with a Diploma of Counselling with Advanced Major Studies in Child Development and Positive Parenting, Counselling in Addiction and Counselling in Abuse. I am now employed as a Family Support Worker, strengthening my commitment to help children and vulnerable families and I also work as a McKenzie Friend.

My objective is to promote fundraising, social media and lobbying to increase positive outcomes for children in the UK after separation or divorce.  In 2016 I ran a successful fundraiser in Australia when completing a triathlon for a friend in need. This required skills in public speaking, networking, research, collaboration, persuasion and more. Social media was a powerful tool for this project and I managed this successfully, raising $ 8000 AUD.

In January 2021 I joined the FNF Central London Branch committee. Since then, I host regular meetings and have been appointed as the PR for the branch. As a well-regarded member of the team, I am well known for working hard, being efficient, professional, and showing a great degree of care and empathy. 

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