Greg Cavadino

Through my own direct experience and supporting other parents I have seen the damage acrimonious breakdowns can cause children, parents and extended family.

I have been a strong advocate to get accountability, transparency and clarity in the system to ensure children have the best outcomes with equal parenting when it is safe and practical to do so. This has been through direct lobbying with MPs, Cafcass, MoJ and the OHCHR on working towards this.

I am particularly passionate about tackling the adverse impact of mental health in children and parents and suicide related to family breakdown. I also have a keen interest in domestic abuse and bringing this into the public domain to ensure all allegations are tested to a criminal standard and perpetrators are convicted as are those who make false allegations. I have closely followed the recent domestic abuse bill and supported those who have wanted to make positive change.

One aspect of great concern is that of alienating behaviours of parents in separation and how these can be quickly identified and remediated upstream in the breakdown process with the right support. The breakdown process can last several years without the right and early interventions and this is clearly not acceptable when there are many strong and tested solutions that can be implemented with the right people and the right funding in place.

Overall, I want to work with FNF on these core issues and roll out a clear roadmap that families in difficulty can understand and follow and have a legal and therapeutic framework that supports families with sustainable tools to parallel parent for the remainder of their children’s lives.

Childhoods are for children to enjoy, not parents.

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