Oleg Schkoda

I am proud to contribute to this charity which I believe is providing a much needed service in the UK. Sadly, the legal system in the UK has been biased towards the mothers and despite global influence of family models, the UK is still not considering in cases of separations that the shared parenting of 50/50 between Mothers and Fathers is not the default position. 

Cafcass and social services are still in the mind that only a mother can be the main caretaker of children and this has proven very difficult to have this position and this mindset to shift from its original state.

This is why FnF is there to provide support through our branches and our main office and that we need to continue to evolve and provide more services in the coming years and I am committed to remain focused to adapt our services and offerings with the changing needs of the fathers in distress. 

I have personally been through a very bitter custody battle which left many scars to my children and also to myself. This put me in the middle of the discussion with guardians, social workers, Cafcass workers, legal representatives and of course lawyers and barristers. 

This process can be daunting and also terrifying when as a man you are already starting from a vulnerable position. Trying to keep solid mental health and strength for a long and painful litigation is critical and any help is welcome.

With a network of support professionals with the right expertise and past experience, we need to continue to guarantee the right amount of support and professional services, legal advices and peer support between fathers. 

Bringing together my personal and painful experience through the legal system and also my professional expertise as a trained engineer, I bring a pragmatic and down to earth approach to the solutions we provide at FnF. 

I want to continue to bring this business minded practical methodology to the benefits of the charity and ultimately of the fathers.

I have been a Rotarian for more than 20years and I am proud to also bring the experience of working with one of the largest charity in the world, through various officers’ functions all the way to be the president of the Rotary Club of Kensington and Chelsea in 2019. This gave me some exposure to dealing with authorities and representing a charitable organisation within our communities.

I am proud to be a trustee for FnF ne hope that my contribution will help fathers to remain positive and obtain the best outcome for the well-being of their children.

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