Wayne Martin

Personal Details. Wayne Martin, 64 years. Living in Leicester. I have one daughter 21 yrs 

Work Experience      1973 – 1987 British Army. Household Calvary
  1988 – 2008 Police officer, Leicestershire
  2008 – To Present     Self-employed
FNF involvement 2000 – 2004 Member, user
  2004 - 2009 Volunteer, Projects member FNF head office
  2010 – 2019 Set up, ran FNF Leicester. Supported Northants, Burton
  2014 – 2022 Trustee FNF


I cannot claim to be a partner or senior member of a family law firm. I don’t have great academic qualifications or have held any high executive employment positions.

I have a knowledge of criminal law having been a front-line police officer for 20 years dealing with everyday people with everyday problems. I took particular interest in Domestic Abuse incidents, especially where child/ren were present/involved. This lead me to study the harassment act 1997, the data protection act and ACPO guidance on domestic incidents.

Whilst a servicing police officer my daughter was born, and I separated from her mother. Then a 16yr battle in the Family Courts to maintain contact with her. Many hearings I was a LIP representing myself. 

It soon became clear all the protection I knew existed in the criminal courts for a fair trial was totally ignored in the Family Courts.

For example. False allegations made without supporting evidence. Solicitors ambushing hearings, Cafcass not allowing you to keep your own notes of interviews Reports written, leaving out father’s concerns, writing false allegations as fact. Court orders regularly breached without recourse for offenders.

Whilst in the Family Courts, I studied Cafcass Domestic Abuse Policies. Attended lectures by the British Institute of Human Rights in relation to Family Law and recently studied the  offence of controlling and coercive behaviour.

There’s a clear overlap of criminal law topics and offences along with human rights that present in child/ren contact post parental separation that the Family courts and Cafcass ignore.

Since becoming a member of FNF to setting up Leicester and the last 6 years as a trustee I have used my skills to assist members and the national board in the following ways.

  1. At FNF meetings providing members with help to protect themselves against false allegations.
  2. On behalf of FNF working with Cafcass in Leicester to report denial of contact pre Family Court and breach of court orders as Emotional Domestic Abuse of the child/ren and other parent.
  3. On behalf of FNF Leicester attending local Family Justice Council meetings.
  4. On behalf of FNF national getting and setting up talks with Cafcass CEO to get denial of contact correctly reported as Emotional Domestic Abuse.
  5. As a trustee working to get the board to give more support to branches and members.
  6. As a trustee contacting and getting FNF invites to communicate with the last two heads of the Family division (Munby, McFarland) as to why Cafcass don’t correctly report denial of contact as Domestic Emotional Abuse.

I feel my skill set is unique combining knowledge of Criminal Law, Family Law, Human Rights and how they all interlock which has been of benefit to members at branch meetings and FNF at trustee level.

I’m just an ordinary dad who got dragged into the Family Court system. I have a knowledge base that I applied, and it helped me. If I get voted to remain a trustee, I’ll continue to use my knowledge to push for more information and support from FNF national to members and branches. I’ll also push for FNF national to challenge both Cafcass and the Family Courts to address their failings which if done will produce better outcomes for child/ren and parents of separated families.

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