A message to Families Need Fathers from Bob Geldof

The forced removal of fathers from their children is hateful and it is done under the auspices of a law that is profoundly unjust. It is of course an oxymoron to have unjust law. It is also a moral nonsense and this law having failed will fall. It is your job to hasten that day.

While family law remains flagrantly biased, prejudicial, and discriminatory, when its effects are in direct opposition to its intent, when inalienable rights go unrecognised, when the administrators of that law exist in an exclusive world of secrecy and overweening state power, when the cost of the implementation of this law to the state is onerous and the cost to society unbearable, when judgement is ordained by the sentiment of past ages and while our men and our children are forced through this disgusting and baleful construct, cruelly and surely ironically called 'Family' law, to exist in a world of emptiness, pain, loss, yearning and grief then all efforts must be made to focus through debate, lobbying and campaigning to strike it down forever.


Every person who is part of this organisation should act politically. Organise groups in your areas to contact others affected. Write letters, keep the subject in your newspapers, agitate and lobby your MPs. Be visible in your pain but rational in your argument, be angered by your loss but use reason against the unreasonable and above everything be motivated by the love of your children.


This law can and will be changed. Use your agony and dismay. Channel it to action. Let every humiliation and tear move you forward so that no child nor man may suffer again what you have.


Good luck,


Bob Geldof

December 2003

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