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A case of parental alienation that started in 2012 finally led to the child living with his dad last year when professionals and the court accepted that the mainpulation and hate would not end otherwise. The court report is published after the mother lost her attempt last month to appeal the judgement of the court in yet another attempt to exclude the father from their son's life. The mother had a QC to represent her while the father was a litigant in person. A ray of hope! The Guardian covered the story under the somewhat alarmist headline Boy must leave mother with 'hateful feelings' for father, judge rules.

Allegations of domestic violence form part of the weaponary of parental alienation, leaving family courts having to distinguish the difference between genuine abuse and false or unfounded allegations that are themselves a form of abuse. We hear from dads who have been the subjects of violence, only to find this turned around to suggest that they were the aggressor - attack as a form of defence. New research being published in Canade concludes that the "gender lens" is counter-productive to families and domestic violence is "largely gender symmetric". Authorities such as the police and other organisations dealing with allegations of abuse often demonstrate "gender asummetry" in ignoring men who make complaints or suffer abuse more than when women do. The article on this was published by the Toronto Sun. We have obtained a copy of the research and have requested permission to share it with you.

There was also an article on BBC online (and The Times) about an abduction to Ukraine of daughters being alinenated from their millionaire father. "She is instilling hate in one of the few people who will always love them unconditionally, who is always going to hug them" the father told The Times. "Pappa is bad" said the daughter. Abduction is a feature of alienation, as is moving hundreds of miles to frustrate relationships. Such chocking alienation can affect parents regardless of whether they are poor or multi-millionaires as in this case reported a week ago after the judge gave permission for the mother to be named as the children were suffering significant harm.

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