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Domestic Violence and Child Welfare Workshop

Getting the Balance Right

One-Day workshop (09.00-17.00) Saturday 27 October 2018

Conference Room, Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

Organised by the Central London Branch of Families Need Fathers

Violence between adults and especially by an adult on a child, is repugnant. It is, of course, contrary to a child’s best interest. It should be dealt with robustly. Victims deserve support and it is right that this has been increased over the years, albeit almost entirely focused on women victims with male victims largely left to fend for themselves. This has also led to negative stereotyping to create a presumption of guilt or a need to prove innocence within safeguarding regime assessments. Such assessments often lack balance or fairness, and rarely take into account the role of mental illness which are not confined to one gender.

Domestic violence and abuse is an issue outside this charity’s remit unless it affects the post-separation relationships of children. Such relationships should never be restricted unless it’s for relevant, proportionate and adequately evidenced reasons, especially when a good and mutually loving relationship is already in place.

However, in making it easier for women to address abuse and to have access to resources, such as Legal Aid and refuges unequally, there is an increased risk of interference with fair decisions, hindering the outcomes for children; especially due to a lack of appropriate checks and balances in the system. These changes have also provided incentives, in the emotive storms of family separation, for exaggeration or fabrication of allegations with highly destructive potential consequences. It has resulted in the system itself, which is intended to protect children, being used as an abusive weapon.

The purpose of this workshop is to question whether, given that the welfare of the children should be the paramount consideration, the balance is right, and to explore what might be done, in individual cases and in policy, to reduce family conflict and, above all, to improve the outcomes for children.

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The cost is £20, including morning and afternoon refreshments but not lunch. Booking via Eventbrite. It should be an interesting and helpful day. Click here to purchase a ticket.

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  • Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter. Tickets are available for FNF's conference on Domestic Abuse - Get tickets here:… More information is here:…
  • Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter. Tickets are available for FNF's conference on Domestic Abuse - Get tickets here: More information is here:
  • A Sheriff in Scotland found that a father was prevented for a year from seeing his children, because of false allegations of rape compounded by damaging support service interventions. #BelieveMe needs to re replaced with timely investigation. Findings of Fact should take place within three months - even that is an age for a young child to be needlessly deprived of a loving and much loved parent. There also need to be consequences to the making of false allegations. Link to full transcript of judgement in second comment below. To support Families Need Fathers, please like and share our posts, follow us, register for free, become a member or make a donation.
  • Is Misogyny about to be Classified as a Hate Crime in UK Legislation? What about Misandry – or are men not Worth It? Last month, it was announced that a review by the Law Commission would look at whether offences driven by misogyny - dislike, contempt or ingrained prejudice against women - should be treated as hate crimes. And now it's emerged the same review will also consider the opposite - crimes motivated by misandry - hostility towards men. This is a potentially pivotal issue when the new matriarchy are pressing so hard in all walks of life for special treatment of women. We are living in a fair and egalitarian society in which men and women should expect to be offered equivalent support and protection under the law. Surely it’s a no-brainer to treat all gender hate crimes fairly, regardless of gender? Unless the law is fair and has effective checks and balances to avoid it being abused, it risks being used as a weapon by some parents with less than honourable motives.
  • False allegations are commonplace in family justice disputes and since legal aid changes in 2013 these have been encouraged by providing Legal Aid in family disputes to just one side when alleging domestic violence. Non-Molestation Orders have become the most favoured route to this and have gone up by 37% since. The figures were boosted by legislation in 2017 designed to stop thousands of people languishing on police bail for months or years without charge - as these orders have the same effect, but are easier to obtain. The Guardian's report on our analysis today. The full report can be downloaded from our website - (link in first comment posted). To support us, please share this, Tweet it, like it, comment, follow us, register for free, become a member or make donation.
  • FNF have advocated for more involvement of fathers with care of their children from day one, not least as it benefits children. New research at University of Manchester now demonstrates that fathers caring for babies alone also promotes relationship stability. Meanwhile, the Government rejected recommendations of the Select Committee for Women and Equalities to extend 'use-it-or-lose-it' paternity leave. State support for paternity leave is approximately 4% of that for maternity leave for parents on similar incomes. Please support FNF by sharing, liking, following, registering for free, becoming a member or making a donation.

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