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Coping with Parental Alienation: 2 Day Course


Parental Alienation is one of the most difficult issues that a separated parent can deal with.  Many children of separated parents will, at one time or another, struggle with relationships, finding transitions between parents difficult.  But is it alienation, and what does Parental Alienation really mean?


This workshop will deal with the spectrum of children's reactions, from the mild to the most severe and will help participants to identify what is happening in their own relationships as well as how to prevent, manage and reverse an alienation reaction.

Come prepared to share as much or as little as you wish about your own situation, privacy is respected and a surgery for more complex situations will be held after the workshop.





Members: £40 (£25 reduced rate for unwaged)


Non-members: £50 (£35 reduced rate for unwaged) 


Please note that those booking places at the unwaged reduced rate will be required to send information confirming their current status to the FNF central office.



Course Date and Location:

26th - 27th May, 10am – 4pm
The RE Hotel London Shoreditch
419 - 437 Hackney Road
E2 8PP


Click on the address for a map of the venue.



Course Leader:


Karen Woodall 


Karen Woodall works in the High Courts with some of the most complex Parental Alienation cases and has wide ranging experience of children's reactions to family separation.
Karen is a family counsellor who has written widely on family separation, particularly from an understanding of how fathers are disadvantaged after separation in terms of the choices they make about relationships with children.  Karen uses exercises alongside advice and information to offer an experiential workshop that is packed with ideas, strategies and tools to help parents understand what is happening and improve relationships.
Unfortunately, due to demands on her time, Karen cannot enter into any agreements for long term work as a result of workshops but is happy to answer as many questions and give as much advice as possible throughout the programme.



Course Outline


Topics covered in this course will include:


  • How alienation begins
  • How children's difficulties with transitions between parents can lead to psychological splitting and alienation
  • How our current system contributes to the problem of alienation in children
  • The signs of alienation and how to spot them
  • The psychological and emotional changes that create pressure on parents and children
  • The history of alienation and how social changes increase the likelihood of it happening to our children
  • High conflict separation and the risk of alienation for children
  • How alienating parents operate
  • How neuroscience is contributing to a deeper understanding of alienation and how to treat it
  • how to keep sane when your child is rejecting you
  • The importance of keeping fit and well
  • When to make strategic retreats
  • How to differentiate between the type of alienation your child is suffering
  • The importance of understanding your own parenting style
  • The impact that family history has upon the alienation
  • How to recognise and reverse an alienation reaction in your child
  • How to manage severe cases



Participants on the course with Karen Woodall will learn a great deal about parental alienation and about their own cases and the possibilities for treatment.  Attendance on the course however, does not qualify anyone to work in the field of Parental Alienation and participants on the course are reminded that working with parental alienation in the court arena is something that can only be undertaken by a qualified expert in the field. Experts who diagnose parental alienation are psychiatrists or psychologists, it is not possible to self diagnose or diagnose others. 



Karen Woodall is a qualified Family Therapist with many years experience in direct work with families and within the court arena.  As such she cannot diagnose Parental Alienation, she can only advise if it is a possibility.  Karen's work in the courts, with families where alienation is present is in conjunction with psychiatrists who diagnose whilst Karen carries out the work of reunification and re-establishment of relationships.  This is highly skilled and sensitive work and should only ever be proposed or undertaken by someone with therapeutic training and an understanding and experience in working with alienated children.


Course registration and further information:

This course is now sold out. If you are still interested in a course on PA, please consider the Dr L.W. Lowenstein Parental Alienation Presentation & Q&A, 16th Junes 2012, 2pm - 5pm.

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  • Yesterday we attended the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood. Dr John Clifton of University of East Anglia presented research suggesting social workers treat mothers and fathers very differently, leading to different outcomes. Mothers are treated as primary, fathers as secondary. Social workers consider fathers as carers of last resort - often not bothering to consider how a father may be able to protect a child - a waste of resource. Men tended to be seen as all good or all bad. There were more differentiated views of mothers. Please support FNF by following us, sharing this, liking, registering for free, making a donation or becoming a member.
  • Yesterday the Government announced its crackdown on unpaid Child Maintenance with a host of new measures such as confiscating passports, raiding sole trader's business accounts and joint bank accounts of partners as this article reports (with a quote from Families Need Fathers). They also plan to recover arrears from Job Seekers Allowances, State Pensions and other benefits designed to keep people above the poverty line. In the majority of cases it will affect the poorest in society the most whilst continuing to fail the children it is intended to help and adding to conflict between separated parents. The decision has the look of being politically motivated and designed to enable the Government to begin to write-off the £4 billion of Child Maintenance arrears they have zero chance of ever collecting - not least as most of that money did not and does not exist. We will be seeking to meet with the newly appointed minister responsible for Child Maintenance, Justin Tomlinson MP. He is the third one in the last year. You can also support FNF by sharing, liking or following us or by registering with us for free, making a donation or becoming a member.
  • That a migrant father has been re-united with his four year old daughter is to be welcomed. The Home Office acted illegally and heartlessly. Now how about helping dads (and some mums) needlessly separated from their children due to lack of enforcement of their own orders and equally heartless policies? And what about ending the nonsense that someone making allegations against another person can get Legal Aid, whilst denying it to the accused. Is that legal? Is there any morel justification for such an 'inequality of arms' as the lawyers call it? Any lawyer want to test it? Please support us by following us, liking this, sharing, registering for free on our website, making a donation or becoming a member.
  • The latest social attitudes survey tells us what most of us have known for some time - attitudes about women being carers and men working have been changing rapidly . Almost three quarters of people disagreeing with this. Just a few weeks ago the Government's response to Select Committee recommendations that fathers should have a month of paid paternity leave were dismissed, saying "The long term solution lies in promoting and securing a wider culture change". Seems the Government are behind the curve of public opinion - again! So are the judiciary, Cafcass and local authority social workers! Please support us by sharing this, liking it, following us, registering for free, making a donation or becoming a member. Don't forget to write about this to your MP too.
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  • Today's Telegraph reports on the rise of Non-Molestation orders following changes in Legal Aid that resulted in only the accuser, but not the accused, being able to qualify for such state funding in family disputes. The Midlands had increases in such orders of 123%. Derby had a particularly spectacular increase of use of such orders of 962%! Is anyone investigating why? Please support us by sharing this, liking and following or you can register for free, make a donation or become a member.

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